Building Better Experiences with Responsive JavaScript

Building Better Experiences with Responsive JavaScript

Responsive design has thus far focused on using media queries to alter the way our site looks using CSS. The next step is to look at how we can progressively enhance our site based on the the features of the device. This is going beyond what CSS can offer and moving into the realms of responsive javascript. There are already new browser API’s are arriving to enables this, with the matchMedia API we can target specific functionality based on whether a media query matches.

Similarly we can add extra functionality and loads additional assets based upon features like geolocation and the camera. This is not building separate sites, its just changing the functionality of a single site based on the users device to optimise their experience.
The aim of this talk is to help you learn about what you can do with responsive javascript. You will learn about how you can target specific functionality to different types of devices which enable you to optimise your user experience.


Jonathan Fielding

June 19, 2014