Building "Bootiful" Vaadin Applications

Fb22593caf24e4bb4c98d467cdd247e6?s=47 Josh Long
October 23, 2014

Building "Bootiful" Vaadin Applications

It's been a long day, but you've done it: you've got a Spring Boot powered backend and now you need to build the UI that'll power the workforce and deliver next week. Vaadin, a UI framework that marries the ease of use of server-side Java and the rich, dynamic nature of client-side JavaScript, integrates well with Spring Boot and offers UI polish that would be hard to get any other way. Join Spring developer advocate Josh Long and Vaadin engineer and expert Peter Lehto for a look at building "Bootiful" Vaadin applications with Spring.

The code for this talk is on GitHub.


Josh Long

October 23, 2014