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Scrum in agencies: where's the PO?

Scrum in agencies: where's the PO?

Agile Connect meetup
Lisbon, March 2018
Blog post: https://joao.cravei.ro/blog/scrum-in-agencies/

João Pedro Craveiro

March 07, 2018

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  1. Before Now Product Manager (2017—) Product Manager (2015–2017) Software Engineer

    (2014–2015) LASIGE Researcher (2009–2014) @jpgcc_
  2. Scrum Guide For the Product Owner to succeed, the entire

    organization must respect his or her decisions. @jpgcc_
  3. Scrum Guide Development Teams are structured and empowered by the

    organization to organize and manage their own work. @jpgcc_
  4. Scrum Master Development Team Product Owner 1 2 3 4

    5 6 7 Ranked list of what’s required Team selects starting at top as much as it can commit to deliver by end of Sprint Tasks Tasks Tasks Product Backlog Sprint Backlog Sprint Planning Meeting Daily Scrum Meeting Sprint Retrospective Shippable Product Increment Sprint Review Daily 1–4 week Sprint Inputs from Execs, Team, Stakeholders, Customer, Users Burndown Chart Product Management @jpgcc_
  5. —Martin Eriksson Mind the Product blog (2011) “discover a product

    that is valuable, usable and feasible” —Marty Cagan Inspired (2008) UX Tech Business Product usable feasible valuable and deliver ✓ @jpgcc_
  6. Depending on the context, different Scrum team setups work better

    than others, and... ...in some contexts the best option is ditching Scrum. @jpgcc_
  7. Only if product ownership is specifically agreed to as part

    of the hired services Otherwise, underpowered PO on agency side @jpgcc_
  8. Scrum Master becomes key figure in agency regarding client relationship

    Skilled - Trained - Committed PO on client side @jpgcc_
  9. Client won’t have nor buy PO No room for Scrum

    or continuous relationship (yet?) Projects, or walk away @jpgcc_