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The Princess Bride and Devops

The Princess Bride and Devops

10 of the things that the greatest movie of all time can teach us about devops.


Josh Zimmerman

August 28, 2019


  1. @TheJewberwocky AND DEVOPS

  2. Why should you listen to me? • I own seven

    different copies of this movie. • As a child I could quote it back to front. • I have watched it hundreds of times. • Once shook Cary Elwes’ hand. • Other less important reasons such as significant industry experience, being a Platform Operations Engineer at SportsEngine, organizing devops events in Madison, WI. Ya know. @TheJewberwocky This guy is Joshua Zimmerman
  3. #1 To overcome difficult challenges, you need to work together

    with people from many disciplines. @TheJewberwocky
  4. #1 @TheJewberwocky

  5. #2 People aren’t always enough. You need to choose the

    correct technologies to get the job done. @TheJewberwocky
  6. #2 @TheJewberwocky

  7. #3 @TheJewberwocky

  8. #3 Everyone has skills that can help your team succeed.

    Don’t underestimate anyone. @TheJewberwocky
  9. #4 “You can’t buy devops, but I can certainly sell

    it to you.” - Matty Stratton @TheJewberwocky
  10. @TheJewberwocky #5

  11. #5 Observability. If you can’t ask your system questions. You

    can’t act appropriately. @TheJewberwocky
  12. #6 Status checks can lie. @TheJewberwocky

  13. @TheJewberwocky #7

  14. #7 You need to be able to discard your work

    to do your job. @TheJewberwocky
  15. #8 Don’t participate in work that you find unethical. @TheJewberwocky

  16. #8 @TheJewberwocky

  17. @TheJewberwocky #9

  18. #9 People need to be able to flex their skills

    on the job (and they’ll do it whether or not the process is structured) @TheJewberwocky
  19. #10 Never get involved in a land war in Asia.

  20. Bonus! #11 Never go in against a Sicilian when death

    is on the line! @TheJewberwocky