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Garden City Rubyconf 2015 Keynote: Race Condition

Garden City Rubyconf 2015 Keynote: Race Condition

A talk on habits, programming and motorcycles (closing Keynote, Garden City Ruby Conf 2015)

Sidu Ponnappa

January 10, 2015

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  1. Train One Metric at a Time it’s hard to improve

    in two areas simultaneously at 100+ kmph
  2. You Are Always Quicker When the Architecture is Well Understood

    fewer decisions, more time to think about each of them
  3. You Are Always Quicker With A Comprehensive Spec Suite you

    don’t have to evaluate side effects in your head, so fewer decisions
  4. You Spend Focus When You Make Decisions so you want

    to save up for important decisions
  5. We Treat these as Investments we trade spot performance in

    the short-term for consistent performance in the long-term
  6. You Go Where You Look measure loc, you get loc

    measure customer focus, you get customer focus
  7. You Literally Go Where You Look use this to go

    faster, not just avoid crashes
  8. Q & A @niranjan_p Niranjan Paranjape Founding Partner & CTO

    C42 Engineering achamian @ponnappa Sidu Ponnappa Founding Partner & CEO C42 Engineering kaiwren