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Building a Presentation in Under 24 hours

Building a Presentation in Under 24 hours

I really only had about 6 hours to create it and practice it.
For those who ever get stuck looking at a blank page in Powerpoint, this is for you.
Unfortunately, the pdf format of this kills the nice walk-through of slide 7.
If you need help creating a presentation or help to present it, especially if you are a startup working on your pitch deck, contact me so my team can help you.

Keith Brooks

June 06, 2023

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  1. Technology Collaboration Workflows Email Migrations Data Migrations 3 Marketing Competitive

    Intelligence Sales/Marketing Audits Conversion Rate Optimization Speaker Coaching Executives Webinar Enablement Tech Teams English as a Second Language
  2. Last Minute Magic Crafting captivating presentations with time to spare

    is an art that can be mastered with the proper techniques. Like making sure at least 1 slide is shareworthy. 4
  3. Know Your Audience Researching their interests, needs, and preferences can

    help you tailor your content to their specific needs. 5
  4. Keep It Simple Avoid cluttering your slides with too much

    information or too many images. Instead, focus on a few key points and make sure your message is clear and easy to understand. 6
  5. 1 Topic (Starting) You need to start someplace. The Title

    will come to you eventually. 5 Practice, Practice, Practice (Practicing) If you don’t practice, it will be obvious. Fix any last pages or wording that breaks your flow while practicing. 3 Put it Together (Writing) This is your rough draft. Get all your thoughts into the deck. Fill in what is missing. Don’t waste time on perfect here. 4 Clean It Up (Reviewing) Walk through and clean up the text, order, transitions, graphics, fonts. Plan it (Thinking) How long do you have? Will you need external devices? Will there be a demo? 2
  6. Practice Makes Perfect No matter how well you prepare, nerves

    can often get the best of you in front of an audience. Practice your presentation beforehand to help build your confidence and ensure that you are comfortable with your content. 8
  7. Links • https://Wepik.com (Free) • Give it a title, and

    it produces your deck. Requires editing. • PowerPoint Labs (Free) - https://www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~pptlabs/ • Power-User(Free/Fee) https://www.powerusersoftwares.com/ • All images from Wepik.com except for slide 8 which is from freeimages.com • ESN logo from the website https://englishspeakingnetworking.com/ 9