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To Grow, or NOT to Grow, That is No Longer the Question, But the Imperative

To Grow, or NOT to Grow, That is No Longer the Question, But the Imperative

I gave this presentation to the Israel Translation Association on February 27, 2023
The session aimed to provide food for thought for the translators about their world and how to grow their business as AI and other things creep into their core business.
#ITA, #Translators

Keith Brooks

March 01, 2023

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  1. To Grow, or Not to Grow, That is No Longer

    the Question, But the Imperative Keith Brooks CEO – B2B Whisperer [email protected] Feb 27, 2023
  2. • Emerging Online Translation Services • Increase in SocMed Translation

    • More Accurate Communication • Increased Demand • Mass Digitization • Fragmentation of the Sector 1 2 3 4 5 6 https://abroadlink.com/blog/7-effects-of-covid-19-on-translation-services
  3. Transcreation Transcreation is a combination of translating and creation. The

    focus lies on context, emotion, and intent. This will help businesses to deliver their message in a meaningful and cultural way. Furthermore, the implementation of visual elements is considered to match cultural preferences. https://katrium.eu/covid-19-impact-on-translation-services-and-marketing-transcreation/ Marketing Transcreation Due to the government’s restrictions, many businesses must find new channels to stay in touch with their customers. E- commerce, digital services, and restaurants need more advertisement. For example, they need translation for product descriptions, or measures companies take to protect people. Moreover, going multilingual will increase your Search Engine Optimization. Hence marketing transcreation covers the whole project.
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    things Lost a client, “WOW, I am on the edge of the cliff, now what!?” Found a business coach with a group and worked on mindset Using LinkedIn more, Spent money on training to use it properly Within a 3 month period business doubled! Wanted people who wanted to work a few extra hours a week Hired 3 more people and assigned each based on their strengths Hired a business process coach Raised prices along the way to stay competitive https://www.officegirlz.com/
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