Masanori Kado

April 16, 2019


  1. 4.

    Start with “How might we ... ?” 4 How “might” we

    Assumes that there is a solution out there -- it provides creative confidence. We can put idea out there that may or may not work -- either way, it’s okay. We are going to do it together and build on each other’s ideas.
  2. 6.

    Sample of “How might we ... ?” 6 %1஍ݩͷࠃࡍۭߓͷ஍্ͰͷମݧΛσβΠϯ͢Δɻ

    ͕͋Δɻ଴͍ͬͯΔ͍͋ͩɺࢠͲ΋ͨͪΛୀ۶ͤ͞ͳ͍Α͏ʹָ͠·ͤΔඞཁ͕͋ΔɻͳͥͳΒ ࢠڙͨͪ͸େ੠Λग़ͨ͠Γɺ૸ΓճͬͨΓͯ͠ɺଞͷ৐٬ΛΠϥΠϥͤ͞Δ৔߹͕͋Δ͔Βͩ ʢิ଍ɿͱ͸͍͑ɺࢠͲ΋ͨͪΛָ͠·ͤΔͷ͸೉͍͠ʂʣ
  3. 8.

    HMWQ reframes your thinking • How do you, as a

    designer, want to direct the POV? • Extreme expression might work well (ex. worst, biggest, none) • ex. Wake up • "How might we make people wake up?" • "How might we make people feel happy to wake up?" • ex. Toaster • "How might we cook tasty toast?" • "How might we keep toast moist while toasting?" 8
  4. 13.

    Create HMWQs 13 Create 3 HMWQs
 (10min) Share HMWQs

 with the team
 w/o severe judgement
 (15min) Create inspired HMWQs
 (5min) Share HMWQs 
 with the team
 and vote the best
  5. 20.

    IDEATION TOOLS - SCAMPER • The SCAMPER acronym stands for:

    • Substitute • Combine • Adapt • Modify/Mirror • Put to other purposes • Eliminate • Rearrange/Reverse 20 Source: The Innovator's Toolkit: 50+ Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Organic Growth, 2nd Edition by Philip Samuel; David Silverstein; Neil DeCarlo Published by John Wiley & Sons, 2012
  6. 24.

    Easy Step of Idea Sketching 24 1. Draw a shape

    with a thin pen 2. Highlight the most impressive element 3. Shade with a gray pen 4. Outline with a thick pen (only outline form) Source:『アイデアスケッチ―アイデアを〈醸成〉するためのワークショップ実践ガイド』 Sorry for my poor picture
  7. 30.

    10 plus 10 method 30 Generate 2-3 sketches

    Share the sketches 
 with the team
 w/o severe judgement
 (15min) Generate inspired sketches
 (5min) Share the sketches 
 with the team
 and vote the best
 (10min) REMEMBER: Tangibility Rule
  8. 37.

    Why do you think the idea is the best? 37

    Use the Design Principles as a Milestone or “Save Point”
  9. 38.

    Homework • Individually, run through the whole process again for

    your practice: 
 “Research” > “Needs” > “POV” > “HMWQ” > “Sketch” • then put them together as a free-form report (.pdf) and post it's LINK to slack #homework-20190420. • Encourage to discuss with the team on slack. 38
  10. 39.

    Reflection • Take a LARGE sticky note. (or Combine two

    notes) • Write down your name (id) and dept/comp. • Write about today (Japanese is OK) : • Keep (Good thing for YOU and TEAM) • Problem (Bad thing for YOU and TEAM) • Try (Improvements for YOU and TEAM) • Suggestion (for this CLASS) • Take a photo of all of the team member's reflections. • Post the photo to Slack #realtime-yyyymmdd. 39 Name (id) and Dept/Company Keep Problem Try Suggestion