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TYPO3 Government Package - Talk on TYPO3 DevDays 2022

August 05, 2022

TYPO3 Government Package - Talk on TYPO3 DevDays 2022

TYPO3 is well distributed in the German market of civil administration and government. CPS is developing a TYPO3 Government Package approach in June/July. It consists of two components:

- a distribution/TYPO3 Theme in TER,
- a composition of curated frequently asked feature components.

Using two federal government cases, bundesgesundheitsministerium.de and bmuv.de, there is a focus on Germany and on key quality aspects: Security, performance, sovereignty, privacy, accessibility.

To look ahead, when it comes to more like Single Digital Gateway (SDG), Open Data, EU wide usage, more features are desired.

This talk should enable both, informing about the TYPO3 Government Package approach and discussing the future roadmap.

See more in Slack Channel #typo3-government-package at typo3.slack.com


August 05, 2022

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  1. Sebastian Kreideweiß, Berlin TYPO3 Government Package TYPO3 DevDays 2022, Karlsruhe

  2. 05.08.2022 2 TYPO3 Government PACKAGE About Sebastian • Business Development

    & leadership at CPS in Berlin since 2008 • Developer & information science background • TYPO3 since 2004 as community member, integrator, developer, consultant, trainer • organizing TYPO3camp Berlin 2014-2019 • online lecturer at vfh.de since 2008 with content-management-systems (TYPO3) • more academia: supervisor of BSc/MSc candidates, research in CMS
  3. About CPS • located in Berlin, full-service web agency FOSS+TYPO3

    • TYPO3 Profile: certified, cases, gold member, … https://typo3.com/ PSL >> cps-it • projects in government • BMU Dez 2012 and microsites • BMG 2019 and microsites • websites for smaller cities 05.08.2022 3 TYPO3 Government Package © eyetronic - stock.adobe.com
  4. Simon Sinek Why? How? What?

  5. Why should we take action? As a community…

  6. Why • in German „Wofür?“ / „What for?“ • to

    tackle challenges of our time Flood warnings & information 2021 Where are corona hotspots? 2020-2021 How high is the gas consumption? Habeck 2022 What about water consumption 2023? Solar, wind, water energy production 2022- 2030 05.08.222 6 TYPO3 Government Package
  7. Why Flood in July 2021, Germany © lensw0rld - stock.adobe.com

  8. Why Corona/COVID Pandemic 8 TYPO3 Government PACKAGE © Production Perig

    - stock.adobe.com
  9. Why © Ingus Evertovskis - stock.adobe.com GAS CONSUMPTION “Don‘t have

    enough data for priority & precedence rules“ Robert Habeck, 23.06.2022
  10. RENEWABLE ENERGIES Why © Soonthorn - stock.adobe.com

  11. Why WATER CONSUMPTION & RESTRICTION © alfotokunst - stock.adobe.com

  12. Summing up & most important why: Goal: Enable independent, reliable

    and scalable communication between citizen and governmental institutions for a life hand in hand with environment and based on European core-values Feb 24, 2022: as a European community mission, integrating every developer from north to south, building individual bridges between community member from west to east 05.08.222 12 TYPO3 Government PACKAGE © rangizzz - stock.adobe.com
  13. How can we achieve that?

  14. How Digitization in WWW: CMS software + ecosystem Focus on

    important non- functional requirements Sustainable financing Open Source software 05.08.222 14 TYPO3 Government Package Compose well-known components & extend with domain specific ones

    TYPO3 Government Package
  16. How Research CMS usage of 2.053 city websites Germany Jan,

    2022 (source: cmscensus.eu) Findings • Digitization using WWW technologies in progress • 55% of 2.000 websites are done with a CMS • other: single solutions producing HTML? • 95% open source CMS • TYPO3 highest market share (approx. 25%) • PHP as programming language 05.08.222 16 TYPO3 Government Package DIGITIZATION IN WWW: CMS SOFTWARE & ECOSYSTEM CMS not detected 45,3% TYPO3 24,5% Word Press 6,48% iKISS Joomla Contao Weitere
  17. How Professional community • Community serves parts of the package

    and is contributing • well-educated developers, editors, consultants, integrators (ref. google performance tests 2018) • certifications, verification programs, etc • well-connected: events like #T3DD22, usergroups, slack, etc • large number of professional provider (psl typo3.com) Johnny Cash „One“ .. „it leaves you, when you don‘t care for it“ • continious delivery by a reliable maintainer (i.e. a company) • package maintainer != package consumers (1:n-relation) • scaling usage by consumer (hundreds of applications) 05.08.222 17 TYPO3 Government Package DIGITIZATION: CMS SOFTWARE & ECOSYSTEM © dikushin - stock.adobe.com
  18. How Compose well-known components & extend with domain specific ones

    05.08.222 18 TYPO3 Government Package
  19. How • 2018, European Parliament and European Council decided to

    create a single point of access to public administration in the EU • EU regulation establishing a Single Digital Gateway (2018/1724) and Germany’s Online Access Act (OZG) with same goal: to make online services offered by the public administration more helpful and easier to use, through a single portal • More information www.onlinezugangsgesetz.de 05.08.222 19 TYPO3 Government Package SPECIFIC COMPONENTS (1) – SINGLE DIGITAL GATEWAY © Siarhei - stock.adobe.com
  20. How 05.08.222 20 TYPO3 Government Package PEN TEST – SINGLE

    DIGITAL GATEWAY © Siarhei - stock.adobe.com • Visit www.karlsruhe.de (TYPO3) • additional own php program for 200+ civil services on subdomain web1.karlsruhe.de • i.e. „Personalausweis beantragen“ „Renew/Order personal ID card“ is possible online
  21. How •Visit verwaltung.bund.de Single Digital Gateway in Germany •See several

    ways to integrate services •But: no Karlsruhe services online L •Thesis: Karlsruhe is not the only one 05.08.222 21 TYPO3 Government Package PEN TEST – SINGLE DIGITAL GATEWAY © Siarhei - stock.adobe.com
  22. How • „next level“ CMS with Open Data • more

    standards of concepts •„… diving sparrows from nightingales“ • provide additional maschine readable (semantic) data •more JSON, RDF, XML, … •less CSV, PDF, XLS, HTML • importing, editing, enriching data in CMS • output for other apps (flood, covid, gas, …) 05.08.222 22 TYPO3 Government Package SPECIFIC COMPONENTS (2) – OPEN DATA © Tiberiu - stock.adobe.com
  23. How Non-functional requirements 05.08.222 23 TYPO3 Government Package


  25. How 05.08.222 25 TYPO3 Government Package © sirawut - stock.adobe.com

    SUSTAINABLE FINANCING OPEN SOURCE • High Resilience by different income streams • Incentives for standards to hand-over to successors • Evidence based • Financing the ecosystem as well • achieve Long-term Support • Volunteer-driven and money- driven
  26. What do we do?

  27. What Choose the right FOSS, community, ecosystem – TYPO3 Select

    and compose established components with domain specific ones Focus on important non- functional requirements Try sustainable financing ways 05.08.222 27 TYPO3 Government Package
  28. What Choose the right FOSS, community, ecosystem – TYPO3 05.08.222

    28 TYPO3 Government Package

    TYPO3 Government Package • Choosing TYPO3 regarding usage, features and existing ecosystem • Combine existing components • Composing as distribution/package, TER • CPS as package maintainer • Using existing resilient ecosystem of service provider already professional serving the Government market niche • Integrate well-connected, multi- lingual community in the heart of Europe to scale in Europe and beyond © TYPO3.org
  30. What Select and compose established components with domain specific ones

    05.08.222 30 TYPO3 Government Package
  31. What SELECT ESTABLISHED SYSTEMS/COMPONENTS Category Systems/Components Souvereignity Fallback Environment LAMP

    WAMP, MAMP, … Database MySQL Maria, Postgres, … Env Addons GraphicsMagick, … ImageMagick, … CMS TYPO3 11 LTS // no fallback Search Apache Solr/Tika + EXT:solr (DKD) ElasticSearch Newsletter EXT:luxletter Caching-Addons Varnish + i.e. EXT:vcc/varnish MyraCloud* … TER EXT:tx_news, Cookie_Consent, Readspeaker, Glossary, GDPR, … … 05.08.222 31 TYPO3 Government Package

    Roadmap EXT:CivilAdmin Civil Services, Units, Contacts, Organisation Plan, SDG/OZG Export, … Open Data ... EXT:Rules, Laws, Regulations List, Detail View, search on (local) specific laws & regulations 05.08.222 32 TYPO3 Government Package
  33. What Focus on important non-functional requirements 05.08.222 33 TYPO3 Government

  34. What NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS Requirements Principles & examples Digital Souvereignity Assorted

    Main Components + Fallback, Verification Status Accessibility Readspeaker, Color check, Acronyms, … Privacy GDPR, Cookie_consent, … Security Encryption, Security Guidelines, … Performance Caching Usability (SEO+human) … Standards (W3C) W3C: HTML, CSS, WCAG, ATAG, … 05.08.222 34 TYPO3 Government Package
  35. What Try sustainable ways for financing 05.08.222 35 TYPO3 Government

  36. • Hard issue in FOSS (contradiction/opposition?) • Goal: long lasting

    financing of both •Common/special extensions •Ecosystem (events, …) • Ideas/ways •Crowdfunding (Kickstarter) •TYPO3 Membership •Voluntar „VAT“, X% on every project •„Freemium“, Early Access Programs •Software = Free, Events/Member Area with paid access •https://sovereigntechfund.de/ •… @all: let‘s talk about that What SUSTAINABLE FINANCING 05.08.222 36 TYPO3 Government Package © sirawut - stock.adobe.com
  37. TYPO3 Government Package

  38. 38 TYPO3 Government Package 05.08.222 38 TYPO3 Government Package

  39. 39 • • • • • 05.08.222 39 TYPO3 Government

    Package © yanadjan - stock.adobe.com
  40. 40 Why: Human challenges How: Digitization in administration, www, CMS,

    FOSS What TYPO3 + special components + community + ecosystem + Financing = TYPO3 Government Package (supported by CPS) Goal Enable independent, reliable and scalable communication between citizen and governmental institutions for a life hand in hand with environment and based on European core-values THANK YOU 05.08.222 40 TYPO3 Government Package © rangizzz - stock.adobe.com
  41. 41 What about other packages? •TYPO3 Health package •TYPO3 Schools

    package •TYPO3 … package 05.08.222 41 TYPO3 Government Package
  42. Dank e Copyright-Hinweis: Die hier vorliegenden Ideen und Ausarbeitungen sind

    alleiniges Eigentum von coding. powerful. systems. CPS GmbH. Die Bearbeitung, Verwertung, Vervielfältigung und gewerbsmäßige Verbreitung des Werkes oder Teilen hiervon ist nur mit schriftlicher Einwilligung der GmbH möglich. coding. powerful. systems. CPS GmbH Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25 Gebäude 13/5 13355 Berlin Ihr Ansprechpartner Sebastian Kreideweiß E s.kreideweiss@cps-it.de W cps-it.de | typo3.slack.com