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Supporting Each Other - Growth for Juniors and Seniors

Supporting Each Other - Growth for Juniors and Seniors

Lara Martín

October 24, 2019

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  1. Supporting Each Other Growth for Juniors and Seniors Lara Martín

    Android Developer @Lariki #DroidconUK
  2. Hiring Devs

  3. High Demand

  4. “We want Seniors!”

  5. Why not Juniors?

  6. Everyone has been a Junior

  7. Juniors' first job

  8. Applying as a Junior

  9. Impostor Syndrome

  10. Fear...

  11. Juniors bring Great Things

  12. Fresh Motivation

  13. Fresh Knowledge

  14. Flexible Mindset

  15. Learning Mindset

  16. What Managers Expect

  17. Juniors Seniors Continuously learning Small tasks Ask questions Need guidance

    Don’t know all the processes Continuously learning Any tasks Ask questions Provide guidance Know all the processes
  18. Wins for seniors

  19. Mentoring Juniors

  20. Sharing your knowledge

  21. Communication

  22. None
  23. MVVM Repository pattern Use Cases Dependency Injection Rx Android Project

  24. Focus on a Single Topic

  25. Sketch Ideas

  26. API client Service

  27. API client Service Data

  28. API client Service Data Repository UseCase Domain

  29. API client Service Data Repository UseCase Domain Presentation Layout ViewModel

    Screen View Navigator
  30. Be Constructive

  31. Criticism in private Praise in public

  32. Tasks

  33. Environment

  34. Pair Programming

  35. For Juniors

  36. When to ask Questions

  37. I got stuck

  38. Rubber Duck Debugging

  39. Starting a task

  40. Copy-pasting

  41. I don’t know

  42. I don’t know either

  43. Still not convinced to hire juniors?

  44. You will help juniors to progress in their careers

  45. You will learn

  46. There are no seniors without juniors

  47. Juniors will never forget their mentors

  48. I am grateful to many people

  49. Thanks to Droidcon London!

  50. @Lariki Thank you! !