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Bootcamp: How to be a modern scientist

Bootcamp: How to be a modern scientist


Leonardo Collado-Torres

September 21, 2020


  1. Bootcamp: How to be a modern scientist Leonardo Collado Torres 2020-09-21 Source: Jeff Leek R/Bioconductor-powered Team Data Science bootcamps
  2. Source: Jeff Leek

  3. Simply Statistics

  4. Read as PDF, Mobi, etc. Minimum price: free! Buy** it

  5. Leanpub & Kindle • Find out your Kindle address from ◦ Manage Your Content and Devices ▪ Preferences • Personal Document Settings ◦ Edit your “Approved Personal Document E-mail List” & add • Leanpub & Kindle instructions: ◦ I found it best to download the MOBI file and email manually • Or read directly as a PDF ◦ I can’t see my notes from Kindle on my computer =(
  6. My overview /bioc_team_ds/how-to-be-a -modern-scientist.html How many chapters apply to

    you? How many are you interested in? Table of contents
  7. Why this book? • Its target audience: academics (graduate students

    & postdocs) • LIBD is an industry - academia hybrid ◦ We should read papers/software too ◦ We publish papers, present results, share data, share code, etc • We work with academics ◦ We also guide students & postdocs: ◦ having a common referral source will be very useful! • Disclaimer: Jeff was my PhD advisor & I’ve been learning this way of life for a while ◦ I did some of the things he said you shouldn’t do :P
  8. Introduction 1. What should I do and why? 2. What

    tools should I use? 3. Further tips and issues • Note that the book was last updated in 2016 so we might use newer tools ◦ Plus I like other software too =)
  9. Career planning: Career growth

  10. Scientific reading & presentations →

  11. Let’s dive into the book

  12. Many types of modern scientists • Some might enjoy papers

    more, others less ◦ Credit can open doors ▪ credit is mostly paper-centric still nowadays • Some enjoy networking ◦ People can open doors • Some want to inspire others ◦ Outreach activities are important • Some want more responsibilities ◦ Career tip: if your role changes, then it might warrant a new title, and thus a promotion