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Getting to Know Brand You

6be35ee081372b47b640cee7f6d8c761?s=47 Lea Alcantara
October 16, 2013

Getting to Know Brand You

A twist on my usual "Art of Self Branding" presentation for Refresh Portland. More questions, interactivity, and breakdown of how to apply.


Lea Alcantara

October 16, 2013


  1. Refresh Portland 1 Getting to Know Brand You

  2. Refresh Portland 2 Sounds like that Princess. source:

    lead designer, Emily lewis design @lealea previously: creative principal lealea design
  3. Refresh Portland 3 Let’s Take a Moment make friends!

  4. Refresh Portland 4 Defining a Personal Brand What does

    a personal brand mean to you? is self branding a “bad thing?” What does all this mean?
  5. Refresh Portland 5 “Do good work.”

  6. Refresh Portland 6 “Be yourself.”

  7. Refresh Portland 7 “Be real.”

  8. Refresh Portland 8 ? ? ? uh, great? now

  9. Refresh Portland 9 You don’t know how to read

    the label because you’re inside the bottle. nate croft on personal branding
  10. Refresh Portland 10 source: NO.

  11. Refresh Portland 11

  12. Refresh Portland 12 “I understand.” getting to:

  13. Refresh Portland 13 Why Brand Yourself? job INSURANCE PORTABILITY

    Targets “Fitting in”
  14. Refresh Portland 14 “I understand.” getting to:

  15. Refresh Portland 15 You are not a unique snowflake.

  16. Refresh Portland 16 You are part of a unique

    story arc. source:
  17. Refresh Portland 17 “Brands are built on what people

    are saying about you, not what you’re saying about yourself.” guy kawasaki, original apple evangelist
  18. Refresh Portland 18 TL;DR It’s not about you. It’s

    about them. family and friends, colleagues, clients, employers and peers
  19. Refresh Portland 19 Credibility Based empowering others to be

    your advocate with a consistent message = credibility
  20. Refresh Portland 20 Consistent Message = your brand

  21. Refresh Portland 21 Branding a company: many restrictions objective

  22. Refresh Portland 22 Branding yourself: little to no restrictions

    very subjective organic
  23. Refresh Portland 23 versus in-house freelance one “client” several

    clients managing 2 brands - yours & the company Usually focus on your own brand restrictions for self-promos self-promo = livelihood
  24. Refresh Portland 24 Focus on yourself or the company?

    The million dollar question
  25. Refresh Portland 25 Both. like a marriage, your company

    is like your spouse. two separate entities merged together with similar hopes, goals, dreams, personalities. Together they are stronger, but both can stand separate and can be recognized separately.
  26. Refresh Portland 26 How to discover & apply your

    brand making the intangible tangible
  27. Refresh Portland 27 Become an amnesiac source: © universal

  28. Refresh Portland 28 “It is said we are all

    three different people: the person we think we are (the one we have invented), the person other people think we are (the impression we make), and the person we think other people think we are (the one we fret about).” Stephen Bayley
  29. Refresh Portland 29 Stereotype yourself origins: a relief printing

    plate cast in a mold made from composed type or an original plate.
  30. Refresh Portland 30

  31. Refresh Portland 31 The Art of Self-Branding Worksheet I

    started The Art of Self-Branding to help others with their personal brand, and now this worksheet will help you put those ideas into practice! Part One: Pretend You’re An Amnesiac A brand is a perception of value formed in the minds of people about a company’s leaders, culture, products, and services. This perception is formed at every point where cus- tomers interact with the company, from the word- ing of advertising copy, to the quality of services and products offered, to the type of people hired, right down to what furniture is in the waiting room. What’s a Brand? Who am I? What am I? Where am I? Who are you? How’d I get here? The Questions: Name Relationship Time Known Adjectives Part Two: Become an Environmentalist This is a companion piece to Branding from the Ground Up Workshop. Visit for more details. Final Tips* Recycle Reduce Recover Reuse The Habits Simplify: 3 adjective chart
  32. Refresh Portland 32 Johari/Nohari window

  33. Refresh Portland 33 Become an environmentalist

  34. Refresh Portland 34 Recycle, Reduce, Recover, Reuse

  35. Refresh Portland 35 You are part of a unique

    story arc. source:
  36. Refresh Portland 36 Create a brand promise. What do

    you plan on expressing about yourself that is corroborated by action? Then, write a succinct sentence (or 2) explaining
  37. Refresh Portland 37 Devise a brand execution plan. online

    (website, social media, etc) to offlinE (answering phones, tone, style) Bridge the gap!
  38. Refresh Portland 38 e.g. green = care about environment

    so... business donates 1% profit to causes = go paperless = recycle regularly = be mindful of electricity use What else?
  39. Refresh Portland 39 Persist through CRAP Criticism rejection assholes

    pressure richard st. John Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes
  40. Refresh Portland 40 Questions? @lealea @ctrlclickcast