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Case of Change in Handling of In-House System Caused by COVID-19

Case of Change in Handling of In-House System Caused by COVID-19

Takatoshi Terada
LINE Growth Technology / Growth Development Department3 / Senior Project Manager



November 11, 2021

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  1. Speaker - Joined LINE Growth Technology in 2020 as project

    manager. - Worked at an SIer and developed banking system, ERP package, etc. - In charge of internal system, Demae- can and organization manager.
  2. What we developed Office Attendance Count - For HR and

    office facility department. - Count the number of office attendees in each office. - Able to select by time.
  3. What we developed Office Attendance - For employees and Payroll

    department. - Payroll members can download summary at end of the month. - Japanese-English support . - Automatically determine office attendance.
  4. How developed SAPPORO TOKYO FUKUOKA - Product owner : Tokyo,

    Fukuoka - Project manager, Tech lead : Fukuoka - Developer : Sapporo And … we developed the system for remote work remotely.
  5. Why we developed - Provide breakfast and lunch, place masks…

    in appropriate quantities. Issue for Office Attendance Count For continuing office services - Number of seat, seat arrangement, VPN network. ※VPN : Virtual Private network For facility - How LINE should change workstyle post covid-19 like “LINE Hybrid Working Style”. For making strategy
  6. Why we developed Attendance rate as average 25% Change to

    actual commuting cost expense to adapt facts
  7. Why we developed Office Attendance Automatically record Check & Fix

    Payment Commuting Simple function , Simple workflow - No approval, just click to fix attendance. - Focused on reducing employee workload.
  8. Solution - Each office has different gate system, not integrated.

    - Need to access physical terminal, difficult to automate. Office security gate - Employees have to touch card reader, force action. Card reader Because of issues, we chose network access information
  9. Architecture Logstash & Elastic Search Asset info Extra asset info

    Employee info Attendance data Network Access Log Office attendance Batch memcached office info
  10. Problem - Test devices keep on office and use by

    several people. But manage by specific person. - Need to exclude for improving accuracy. Exclude test devices - Shared desktop PC is used as VDI, not related specific employee. - Exclude shared PC network access from attendance.Add VDI login user. VDI ※VDI : Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  11. Architecture part2 Logstash & Elastic Search asset info extra asset

    employee info Attendance data Network Access Log Office attendance Batch memcached office info Test device info VDI access Logstash & Elastic Search
  12. Accuracy 98.65% 1.35% Correct Fixed 98.23% 1.77% Correct Fixed Fixed

    rate of automatic determined attendance 2021/07 - 2021/09 Fixed rate of total days 2021/07 - 2021/09
  13. Summary - LINE has many internal systems, and most of

    them are in-house development. - We create new value by connecting these systems. - We continue to make a No.1 workplace for LINERs by offering the best solution.