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Build LINE Bot with Go

Build LINE Bot with Go

Build your LINE Bot with Go by Evan Lin on DSC x GDE on 2020/05/07. Video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60icDO767G8


LINE Developers Taiwan

May 07, 2020

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  1.  Go   LINE Developer Relations Evan Lin 2020.05

  2. Agenda •Who am I? Why I learn Go? •What is

    Go? •Using Golang to build LINE Bot •How I became GDE? •LINE TECH FRESH •Q&A
  3. Evan Lin • Google Developer Expert • LINE Developer Meetup

    • LINE TAIWAN TECHPULSE Organizer LINE Technology Evangelist
  4. My history background

  5. Windows Application Developer 10+

  6. Web application development Surveillance Smart Home

  7. Our Tech Stack. (before)

  8. My (ex) boss told me..   I have secret

  9. What is pokemon Go?

  10. What is Go • Create by Google • Design by

    • Ken Thompson • Rob Pike • Robert Griesemer • Feature: • Compiled • Statically Typed • Garbage Collection
  11. Go is fast!

  12. gofmt / goimport

  13.    ? • Forget import package • 

    • if else  • Indent • Demo: https://play.golang.org/p/DD0r3d25E4C
  14. ”go test” save your time for testing https://play.golang.org/p/jynzyytYzhC https://play.golang.org/p/P_P_bmOqlCB

  15. “godoc” help you build documentation https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/kkdai/youtube?tab=doc

  16. Goroutine: https://play.golang.org/p/rjT7yXqft_C Unbuffered Channel: https://play.golang.org/p/zaNUS8IhzfT Buffered Channel: • https://tour.golang.org/concurrency/3 •

  17. https://tour.golang.org/list “A tour for Go” to learn more detail.

  18. https://go-tour-zh-tw.appspot.com/basics/1  (Wait a second…)

  19. Learn Go from LINE chatbot

  20. Why using chatbot as example?

  21. What is LINE Chatbot

  22. Create LINE Bot within 5 mins •Request channel for LINE

    Bot •Deploy LINE Bot server on Heroku •Change related setting on Channel •Go ! Online (video) •How to modify it? (video)
  23. Build advanced Chatbot in Go https://youtu.be/B9m_6brhkdc https://github.com/kkdai/LineBotPetNeedMe

  24. How to become Go GDE

  25. How I became Go GDE l learn Go • Blog

    post (weekly) • Write everything with Go • SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!! With everyone
  26. How to write more blog posts • Start from learning

    note. • TIL (Today I learn) is the best practice. • Writing is the best way to learn deeper.
  27. Writing everything with Go https://github.com/kkdai/project52

  28. Learn new Go features • Learn new features using `go

    get` • Learn from document • Write related into your language TIL.
  29. SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!! • Meetup/Conference approach learning • Share >>>

    Learn • Open mind
  30. Attend COSCUP 2020

  31. Can’t get the ticket?

  32. Conference Speaker is who cannot get ticket willing to share!

    - anonymous
  33. COSCUP 2020 CFP https://blog.coscup.org/2020/04/coscup-2020-cfp-is-now-open.html#go https://blog.coscup.org/2020/04/coscup-2020-cfp-is-now-open.html#chatbot

  34. LINE TECH FRESH https://engineering.linecorp.com/zh-hant/blog/tech-fresh-2020/

  35. None
  36. Q&A