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Use case and trend for LINE Chatbot and LINE Blockchain

Use case and trend for LINE Chatbot and LINE Blockchain

By Kevin Luo at 清華文化與學習講座 (清華大學) 2021/04/01



April 01, 2021


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    • 叨ߝ憙憽矾ᔱ牏瑽猟秂壆牏ߝ粞蘷獨 • 腷蟂蜣蘷牏㵕眲蝍擽 &KDWERW膏 0/现$,
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  37. * Powered by KBank 2019.6 2018.11 2019.8 2020.10 2019.8 2014.12

    2018.10 LINE BK LINE Insurance LINE Smart Invest LINE Kakeibo LINE Score LINE Securities LINE Pocket Money LINE Pay 2018.10 Loans Asset Management Insurance Digital Wallet Banking Japan, Taiwan, Thailand & Global Alliance countries Global *LINE banking services planned for Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia 4 2018.8 LINK(LN) 2020.2 BITFRONT *Excludes Restricted Locations such as JP and certain US states Global 2019.9 BITMAX Cryptocurrency * BITBOX (‘18.07) > BITFRONT (‘20.02) Transforming digital finance through innovation About LINE LINE Fintech
  38. Mission About LINE Blockchain To create a blockchain for everyone

    including LINE’s more than 180 million users Designed for Everyone 5
  39. Integrated Services About LINE Blockchain Expanding ecosystem in all directions

    within the blockchain industry. Crypto Fund Crypto Exchange Crypto Asset CBDC Platform LINE CBDC Blockchain Platform 6
  40. Global Workforce About LINE Blockchain 150+ Employees 5 Countries •

    As of January 2021 • Number of employees refers to LINE employees working on projects related to LINE Blockchain and Digital Assets 7
  41. HISTORY About LINE Blockchain LINE Fintech Services LINK Integration BITMAX

    Release (JP) BITFRONT Release (Global) (BITBOX > BITFRONT) 3rd Party dApp Service Integration LINE Crypto Asset (LINK) Issuance & Listing on BITBOX BITBOX Release (2018.07) Listing on BITMAX (JP) LINK (LN) Release BITMAX (JP) Release BITFRONT (US) Release LINK (LN) Listing (Japan) LINE Fintech Integration Starts 3rd Party Services Integration Starts 2019.09 2020.02 2020.09à 2018.09 2020.08 Blockchain Developers Platform Release BITMAX Wallet Release LINE Blockchain Platform Release 8
  42. Blockchain Mainnet About LINE Blockchain Technology A general purpose mainnet

    that can be applied to many areas, including the financial sector Virtual Machine Consensus Algorithm Blockchain Privacy 11
  43. Blockchain Mainnet About LINE Blockchain Technology Consensus algorithm optimized for

    maximized completion and security BFT+PoS+VRF LINE Blockchain Consensus Algorithm • Applies to LINE Blockchain’s new Mainnet. Bamboo Chain and Daphne Chain are operated by two different consensus algorithms. 12
  44. Blockchain Platform About LINE Blockchain Technology General services and user-friendly

    platforms make it easy to utilize blockchain and digital assets LINE Developers Integrated Blockchain Development Platform LINE Blockchain Developers BITMAX Wallet LINE Blockchain Oracle LINE Blockchain Explorer LINE Account Based Blockchain Wallet LINK Issuance & Monitoring System LINE Blockchain Transaction Tracker 13
  45. Blockchain Platform About LINE Blockchain Technology Anyone can create new

    value by implementing blockchain into services with LBD 1. Developer Console 2. Open API 3. Wallet Integration https://blockchain.line.biz 4
  46. Blockchain Platform About LINE Blockchain Technology LINE-integrated BITMAX Wallet means

    tokens are easy to manage and use https://wallet.bitmax.me 1. LINE Account Integration 2. Token Management 3. dApp Browser Users can explore and access new services based on LINE Blockchain. 15
  47. CBDC Platform About LINE Blockchain Technology Developing a safe and

    secure blockchain-based CBDC platform For Global Central Banks (Ongoing) 16

  49. LINK (LN) About LINE Token Economy LINK is LINE’s general

    purpose base coin LINK(LN) Asset Type General Purpose Base coin Blockchain LINE Blockchain Issue Method § LINK is issued for dApp users as contribution rewards § LINK is not sold for to individuals or organizations Issue Limit § < 3 years: 100,000,000 LINK; (hereafter) annual growth rate of 5% § Overall max: 1,000,000,000 LINK Usage Used for payment services and obtaining various benefits within LINE Blockchain ecosystem Circulating Supply 5,969,540 LN Market Cap. USD 90,418,359 • LINK issue limit does not refer to LINK circulating supply, whereas its supply is distributed to users as the ecosystem expands and increases gradually. • LINK mint and issuance are announced in advance through the official LINE Blockchain site. • As of January 2021 18
  50. Token Economy Flow About LINE Token Economy SERVICES Contribution Mining

    Payment & Utilities USERS Allocation Platform Usage Platform Usage NETWORK A token economy where all ecosystem participants can grow together 19
  51. Use Cases About LINE Token Economy Trade LINK conveniently through

    BITMAX within LINE Messenger LINE Wallet > BITMAX Select LINK Trade LINK Deposit / Withdraw (¥ or LINE Pay) • Image above is a screenshot of BITMAX service in Japan. 20
  52. Use Cases About LINE Token Economy Earn up to 12%

    interest annually by holding LINK LINE Wallet > BITMAX Select an interest product & Subscribe Collect interest • LINK interest product is provided by BITMAX and BITFRONT. • Image above is a screenshot of BITMAX service in Japan. 21
  53. Use Cases About LINE Token Economy Can be added easily

    to all sorts of services without extra development Make reward / usage policy Distribute LINK Rewards Convert LINK Use LINK DApp DApp DApp DApp DApp DApp Services • Image above is a screenshot of BITMAX service in Japan. 22
  54. Use Cases About LINE Token Economy Targeting growth through offering

    unique value and diverse usage opportunities 2021 LN-Crypto Trade 2018 2020 LN-Yen Trade Trading Fee Payment 2018 LN-LN Interest (12%) 2020 23 Real World Usage Real World Benefits ? ? New Market ?
  55. And more Integration with LINE Services Partners Joining with a

    variety of LINE services to expand the blockchain ecosystem • As of January 2021 30
  56. And more Collaborating with Third Parties Partners LINE Blockchain is

    working with third-party services to maximize synergies • As of January 2021 31
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  63. LINE TECH FRESH https://engineering.linecorp.com/zh-hant/blog/tech-fresh-2020/ 63

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