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Know the neighbourhood of your customer

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March 07, 2020

Know the neighbourhood of your customer

Presentation by Andrey Bogomolov at the #energyhack2020 event which I co-organized.



March 07, 2020

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  1. LocationAI Know the neighbourhood of your customer Customer classification challenge

    For Energy Hackathon in Burgg 1
  2. 2 Does statistic helps you to connect with the customer?

  3. 3 Who you customer are dreaming to be

  4. Your Neighbourhood defines you 4 24% 0% Example: Electric car

    sales penetration
  5. Know Neighbourhood of your customer with LocationAI 5 Cluster your

    customer based on their surrounding
  6. Number of charging stations in surrounding Wind mills in view

    Solar panals recognition Future of LocationAI
  7. Live Demo

  8. Unterstand your customer with LocationAI Contact: M.Sc. Andrey Bogomolov Andrey@sudo.guru

    +4915773674378 Duisburg, NRW 8