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SaltPad: The WEB GUI your infrastructure deserves

Boris Feld
November 18, 2014

SaltPad: The WEB GUI your infrastructure deserves

Presentation of SaltPad, a web GUI for SaltStack powered infrastructures.

Boris Feld

November 18, 2014

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  1. About me • Python Dev • DevOps • SaltStack enthusiast

    since I discovered it • @lothiraldan
  2. The missing Web UI • Job output pretty outputting •

    And a special treatment for state.highstate jobs • Management of minions (keys, last runs, pillar) • Run job, save job parameters as templates and run them with one-click button • Accelerate minions debugging
  3. Internals • Use SaltStack API for everything. • No DB,

    jobs templates are stored in salt master config. • Python Flask application.
  4. TODO • Some features are not yet implemented. • Add

    some caching to improve responsiveness. • Add support for SaltStack API 2014.7.0. • Improve the API in order to implement new features and improve responsiveness.
  5. FOSS for the win! • It’s open-source and available here:

    https:// github.com/tinyclues/saltpad • I would like to thank my employer tinyclues for its sponsorship on SaltPad.