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Clients Matter; So Put Your Team First

Clients Matter; So Put Your Team First

We're often so preoccupied with keeping our clients happy that, as project managers, we never calculate the true cost of losing the confidence of our teams. Without them, we're sunk.

When we put our teams first, our clients can let go and trust the process. How do we get there? We can learn the scripts, build trust with our teammates, and get them scoping, giving feedback and vetting prospect leads. As PMs, we have more power in our pinky fingers than a thousand clients.

Together we can make this digital industry better. We just have to know where to start. And it starts with our team.

Louder Than Ten

October 15, 2013

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  1. When we put our teams first, we put ourselves in

    the driver’s seat... Wednesday, 16 October, 13
  2. “ e price of anything is the amount of life

    you exchange for it.” ― Henry David oreau Wednesday, 16 October, 13
  3. Step 1. Assess e Gap * Ask. Listen * Find

    a baseline * Be vulnerable Wednesday, 16 October, 13
  4. Step 2. Meet e Need * Check in * Provide

    air cover Wednesday, 16 October, 13
  5. Step 3. Measure e Growth * Fine tune * Reassess

    direction Wednesday, 16 October, 13
  6. No we can’t just ‘add a blog’ for nothing, you

    nincompoop. That shit costs money. ❝A blog? That’s a great idea. Let’s go back to the team and find out how much time that will take and how much it will cost.❞ Wednesday, 16 October, 13
  7. You’ve been late on three payments and you want us

    to ‘keep moving’? I’m going to mail you a dead fish out of sheer frustration. ❝We’ll restart your project just as soon as we receive any outstanding payments.❞ Wednesday, 16 October, 13
  8. I’ve asked you a thousand times to put your idiot

    requests in Basecamp. ❝I think the whole team would get a lot out of this conversation. Would you mind posting it in Basecamp so we can take some time to respond?❞ Wednesday, 16 October, 13
  9. You want a giant, shiny robot to pop out and

    deliver your vision statement? On the home page? Terrific. ❝Let’s go back and see how this idea supports or hurts your business goals. If it makes sense to do it, we’re on board; otherwise, let’s brainstorm a few other ideas, too.❞ Wednesday, 16 October, 13
  10. Why the f%@# would you ask us to launch tomorrow

    after your approval was two weeks late?? ❝Unfortunately, no. We need your help & commitment to approvals to launch on time. We’ll work as fast as we can, but we can’t compromise the quality of our project. Thanks for understanding.❞ Wednesday, 16 October, 13
  11. You’re setting our meeting dates within a day and expecting

    my team to be on board? Nope. ❝We’d love to chat about the project direction. Let us look at some times that are available for the whole team and I’ll reach out to you ASAP.❞ Wednesday, 16 October, 13
  12. We drive when when we work hand in hand with

    our teams Wednesday, 16 October, 13
  13. We put our teams first by: ✓ building trust ✓

    ge ing team input ✓ practicing the scripts Wednesday, 16 October, 13