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Multiplying Your Impact Through Mentoring - Droidcon London 2017

October 27, 2017

Multiplying Your Impact Through Mentoring - Droidcon London 2017


October 27, 2017

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  1. Hi! I’m Maltz! • Android Experimentation at Yelp • Mentored

    6 new engineers over 3 years • Now mentoring mentors
  2. What will we talk about? • Preparing for onboarding •

    The first couple months • Handling your mentee’s questions
  3. What does this mean? • Understand what makes a great

    engineer on your team ◦ Technical skills ◦ Non-technical skills ◦ Understanding of team processes ◦ Cultural things • Write these down so you can reference them!
  4. Next: Design a ramp-up process • Aim for breadth of

    topics + velocity of completion • Add complexity gradually • Create a script for this as much as possible
  5. Don’t Forget About Numero Uno • Set expectations with external

    stakeholders • Be willing to give up your own productivity for a few weeks. ◦ It’s better in the long run!
  6. • Understand the engineer you want them to become •

    Define a ramp-up process • Don’t forget about numero uno Summary: Preparing for onboarding
  7. How NOT To Do This • Forget about them •

    Throw them in the deep end and hope they swim • Do your own work instead of helping your mentee • Delegating helping to someone else
  8. • Don’t forget about your mentee • Start with a

    high standard • Celebrate the successes • Check-in frequently • Schedule 1:1s and use them • Don’t give answers, give tools. Summary: The First Couple Months
  9. • Figure out the path to the answer first •

    Take a ranging shot • Figure out what they can learn • Help them get to the answer Summary: Handling Your Mentee’s Questions
  10. The 3 Things To Take Home • Take time to

    understand the end goal of mentoring • Build good habits, especially high quality, early on • Give tools, not answers
  11. Additional Resources • How To Ask Good Questions - Julia

    Evans • Your Brain’s API: Giving and Getting Technical Help - Sasha Laundy (PyCon 2015) • Power of Habit - Charles Duhig • Crucial Conversations - Various • Software Lead Weekly (an awesome newsletter that touches on these topics)