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Client Experience Design @ DaFED Novi Sad

Marko Dugonjić
February 03, 2016

Client Experience Design @ DaFED Novi Sad

To craft a truly effective user experience we need to examine the general behaviour, affinities and motivations of end-users and to meet their needs, but at the same time we ought to meet our clients’ goals. The real challenge, however, is making our clients comfortable with the design process and teaching them how to meet their customers’ needs. Learn how to establish mutual understanding and collaboration with your client by designing your relationship.

Marko Dugonjić

February 03, 2016

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  1. ❝ Designers need to understand their customers. And in many

    cases, the customer is the person who purchases the product, not the person who actually uses it. — Don Norman
  2. ❝ The keys to getting referrals: 1. Be pleasant to

    work with 2. Do good work — Mike Monteiro
  3. ❝ Teams that attain a shared understanding are far more

    likely to get a great design than those teams who fail to develop a common perception of the project’s goals and outcome. — Jared Spool
  4. WHAT POLICIES? – Web standards conformance – Content parity –

    Performance budget – Information budget – Accessibility conformance – Google’s PageSpeed score
  5. Audit everything Conduct usability testing Forget no one Define the

    project goal Establish policies Prototype general direction
  6. ❝ The trick is to delay precise specification of the

    product requirements until some iterative testing with rapidly deployed prototypes has been done, while still keeping tight control over schedule, budget and quality. — Don Norman

    EXPERIENCE MAPPING http://mappingexperiences.com
  8. ❝ Producing a good product requires a lot more than

    good technical skills: it requires smoothly functioning, cooperative and respectful organization. — Don Norman
  9. Include everyone Meet them where they are Send small updates

    often Remind them how to sketch Use simple tools
  10. ❝ Sometimes we have to be the one without opinions

    or preferences so we can weight all the opinions and find the best way forward for everyone involved. — Abby Covert
  11. No personal preferences Make the client look good If you

    love it, set it free Don’t burn bridges