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Is Grails the right approach for business apps? - Gr8Conf EU 2016

Is Grails the right approach for business apps? - Gr8Conf EU 2016

When creating a “business app”, there are certain requirements that distinguishes it from other categories of web-based software like advanced filtering and reporting. Are Grails and similar frameworks the right approach to address these concerns, or is a more business centric framework the correct choice?

In this talk we will examine what happens if you start shrinking down your solution space from a general purpose web application framework like Grails, towards a more specific one. On the example of the CUBA Platform i’ll show solutions to things like filterable data grids, scaffolding and security concerns that go beyond role based authorization.

You’ll learn about the productivity improvements you’ll get out of “Going business specific” and what the drawbacks are that come with it.

Mario David

June 02, 2016

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  1. Is /(G?rails|(Node|Angular|[a-zA-Z]*)JS)/g the right approach for business apps?

  2. Mario David Software Developer | road-to-cuba-and-beyond.com | mariomddavid

  3. Possible paths for the talk Business Technical

  4. The path for the talk Business

  5. What are business applications?

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  7. None
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  9. None
  10. Possible problem spaces for the solution: Grails (responsive) marketing site

    (REST) Backend Online shop Business CRUD app ... ... ... End-customer facing app Solution Problem
  11. Grails Spring MVC Ember JS Servlet Socket ? domain specific

    general purpose SAP Magento Shopify Typo3 WordPress ...
  12. None
  13. None
  14. None
  15. Benefits & Drawbacks • focus on business problems • no

    need to choose • productivity boost • smaller eco system • harder to switch to another problem space
  16. You have to do what is right for you. No

    one walks in your shoes... Is Grails the right approach for business apps?
  17. bit.ly/cuba-security bit.ly/cuba-groovy bit.ly/cuba-filter

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  19. bit.ly/cuba-security bit.ly/cuba-groovy bit.ly/cuba-filter

  20. bit.ly/cuba-security bit.ly/cuba-groovy bit.ly/cuba-filter

  21. Thank you! road-to-cuba-and-beyond.com | mariomddavid