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Docker 101

Mario David
January 07, 2016

Docker 101

Introduction to Docker for Softwarekskammer Lübeck (in german)

Mario David

January 07, 2016

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  1. Docker 101 Mario David | @mariomddavid

  2. Mario

  3. What’s the problem? #1 ssh [email protected] # … db2 create

    tools catalog catalog1 use existing tablespace user32Ksp in database toolsdb
  4. What’s the problem? #1 Cofiguration drift Reproduzierbarkeit ssh [email protected] #

    … db2 create tools catalog catalog1 use existing tablespace user32Ksp in database toolsdb
  5. What’s the problem? #2 ssh [email protected]uction-01.it.companyWithoutDocker.com # … vi /usr/local/tomcat/conf/server.xml

    # … tomcat7 restart
  6. What’s the problem? #2 Sicherheit ssh [email protected] # … vi

    /usr/local/tomcat/conf/server.xml # … tomcat7 restart
  7. What’s the problem? #3 HTTP Reverse Proxy DB DB SAN

    Logging Backup Switch DNS HTTP USV Monitoring www.katzenfreunde-forum.de
  8. What’s the problem? #3 HTTP Reverse Proxy DB DB www.katzenfreunde-forum.de

    DNS HTTP Auslastung SAN Logging Backup Switch USV Monitoring
  9. Lösungen

  10. Hypervisor App OS App OS App OS

  11. None
  12. “It’s all about the application...” Würden wir die Anwendung ohne

    OS laufen lassen?
  13. bit.ly/docker-einfuehrung Thread Prozess Container VM Hardware Pro Maschine Performance -

    + Isolation + -
  14. Was ist Docker? - Beispiel für Container-Virtualisierung Solaris Zones OpenVZ

    LPAR ...eigentlich nur eine alte Idee: Segmentierung Marketing Technogisch lightweight Hypervisor VM shared Linux Kernel Isolation Namespaces Ouality of Service Cgroups FreeBSD Jails LXC OS App Userspace App Userspace App Userspace
  15. Was ist Docker? - Zur rechten Zeit am rechten Ort

    Accessibility Cloud DevOps Docker Hub Community
  16. Docker Engine • zentrale Laufzeitumgebung der Container • ist einzige

    Abhängigkeit des Service • ermöglicht Portabilität • no Emulation Layer → ~ no Performace Impact Dev == Test == Staging == Production
  17. “ Talk is cheap, show me the code

  18. Ökosystem Development bit.ly/docker-oekosystem Orchestrierung Docker Machine Kubernetes Docker Swarm Docker

    Comopse Mesossphere Panamax Vagrant Windows Nano Server OS CoreOS VMWare Photon Snappy Ubuntu Core Cloud Amazon AWS ECS Rackspace Azure Google Compute Engine Hypriot ... ... ... ...
  19. weitere Ressourcen... bit.ly/docker-einfuehrung | bit.ly/docker-oekosystem road-to-cuba-and-beyond.com/put-a-island-into-a-box-how-to-dockerize-your-cuba-app/ pluralsight.com/courses/docker-deep-dive pluralsight.com/courses/docker-fundamentals