Git: the stupid content tracker

Git: the stupid content tracker

This talk is about explaining the basic concepts about git first, and then about explaining more advanced techniques and commands for using git on a daily basis, such as handling remote repositories, branches and tags, as well as explaining some advanced git commands.

It was written having in mind people who already know something about other non-distributed VCS’s (CVS, Subversion), but willing to switch to git at some point.

I informally delivered this talk in 2013, September the 11th, to a bunch of friends and colleagues who were interested in knowing more about git, how to use it and what things they could do with it.

To create these slides, I based them in the ones from the talk I delivered back in July 2010, for the GUADEC-ES conference (already in English, see [1]) and the extended version of it I delivered for the ”Xornadas Libres GPUL″ in March 2011 (still in Spanish, see [2]), this time doing it in English right from the start.

So, in a nutshell, you can see this talk as the accumulative result of my previous two talks about git, reviewed once again and translated to English. Hope you enjoy them.



Mario Sánchez Prada

September 11, 2013