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Berlin Prometheus Meetup - April 2019

Berlin Prometheus Meetup - April 2019

Matthias Loibl

April 17, 2019

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  1. Prometheus: Release Schedule A new minor release every 6 weeks

    Prometheus v2.5.0 released just before our last MeetUp Prometheus v2.9.1 released yesterday
  2. Released December 17th, 2018 API: Add /api/v1/labels endpoint to get

    all label names. #4835 Web: Allow setting the page's title via the --web.ui-title flag. #4841 Prometheus v2.6
  3. Prometheus v2.7 Released January 28th, 2019 Add subqueries to PromQL.

    #4831 Add experimental support for disk size based retention. #5109 tsdb#343 Flags now are --storage.tsdb.retention.time --storage.tsdb.retention.size
  4. Prometheus v2.8 Released March 12th, 2019 UI enhancements with upgrade

    to Bootstrap 4. #5226 Use the WAL for remote_write API. #4588 Time overlapping blocks are now allowed. tsdb#370
  5. Prometheus v2.9 Released April 15th, 2019 (2 days ago) Uses

    Go 1.12 - On Linux it might report higher memory usage, but it’s harmless Add honor_timestamps scrape option. #5304 Support PUT methods for Lifecycle and Admin APIs. #5376 Update if you’re on v2.9.0!
  6. Alertmanager v0.16.2 Released January 17th, 2019 New API v2, generated

    via OpenAPI & security fixes => update recommended
  7. Prometheus Operator & kube-prometheus kube-prometheus was part of the Prometheus

    Operator repository Different projects, same repository. We could not version kube-prometheus. We move kube-prometheus back to coreos/kube-prometheus. Expect versioned releases.
  8. Next MeetUp Planned for beginning of June Want to host?

    Want to speak? We need your support!