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Berlin Prometheus Meetup - April 2019

Berlin Prometheus Meetup - April 2019


Matthias Loibl

April 17, 2019


  1. Berlin Prometheus MeetUp April 2019 at HelloFresh Wifi:

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  3. Agenda 1. Talk: Monitoring at HelloFresh BREAK 2. Talk: Shut

    up and take my metrics
  4. Prometheus News

  5. Prometheus: Release Schedule A new minor release every 6 weeks

    Prometheus v2.5.0 released just before our last MeetUp Prometheus v2.9.1 released yesterday
  6. Released December 17th, 2018 API: Add /api/v1/labels endpoint to get

    all label names. #4835 Web: Allow setting the page's title via the --web.ui-title flag. #4841 Prometheus v2.6
  7. Prometheus v2.7 Released January 28th, 2019 Add subqueries to PromQL.

    #4831 Add experimental support for disk size based retention. #5109 tsdb#343 Flags now are --storage.tsdb.retention.time --storage.tsdb.retention.size
  8. Prometheus v2.8 Released March 12th, 2019 UI enhancements with upgrade

    to Bootstrap 4. #5226 Use the WAL for remote_write API. #4588 Time overlapping blocks are now allowed. tsdb#370
  9. Prometheus v2.9 Released April 15th, 2019 (2 days ago) Uses

    Go 1.12 - On Linux it might report higher memory usage, but it’s harmless Add honor_timestamps scrape option. #5304 Support PUT methods for Lifecycle and Admin APIs. #5376 Update if you’re on v2.9.0!
  10. Alertmanager v0.16.2 Released January 17th, 2019 New API v2, generated

    via OpenAPI & security fixes => update recommended
  11. Prometheus Operator & kube-prometheus kube-prometheus was part of the Prometheus

    Operator repository Different projects, same repository. We could not version kube-prometheus. We move kube-prometheus back to coreos/kube-prometheus. Expect versioned releases.
  12. Kube-state-metrics v1.5.0 & v1.6.0-rc.0 Major performance optimizations Tons of new

  13. Next MeetUp

  14. Next MeetUp Planned for beginning of June Want to host?

    Want to speak? We need your support!
  15. Contact Website prometheus.io GitHub github.com/prometheus IRC / Matrix #prometheus Mailing

    List prometheus-users Twitter @PrometheusIO
  16. Enjoy!