Cutting Angular's Crosscuts

Cutting Angular's Crosscuts

No matter how DRY our code gets, there are times when the object-oriented paradigm is just not powerful enough to handle all code duplications. Applying logging and authorisation, for example, makes us copy and paste snippets all around our code-base without being able to isolate them in separate modules. This makes our code more coupled; less reusable and maintainable.

The aspect-oriented programming comes with a solution for such “cross-cutting concerns”. It is already widely used in the Java world, in AspectJ and Spring. In my talk I will bring the aspect-oriented programming paradigm to Angular. I’ll explain how to deal with duplications and make our code more maintainable using AOP with the new ECMAScript 2016 decorators’ syntax.


Minko Gechev

October 21, 2015