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April 09, 2012

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April 09, 2012


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  4. INTERVIEW INSIGHTS • Technology-based learning is more stressful because the

    Teachers are usually socially awkward • Technology makes Professors work less hard and parlay their responsibilities to the Computer • Non-technical tools have no right or wrong, you can be really creative, technical things break and require you to be careful and inhibit your raw creativity – where is the technology equivalent of clay? • Powerpoint is the most stressful thing in history • Professors assume that because lectures are recorded, they can go really fast without respecting students • Education in general operates in the dark ages – technology merely gives them a way to keep the bureacrats in control of the future • So many people using technology to learn, but lack any common sense • Learning isn’t really all that important, it’s just an excuse to meet people and network • Interactive lectures are usually forced, not appreciated • No one uses textbooks anymore anyways, they are densely written and not valuable
  5. QUESTIONS • Is it the way things are taught, or

    the use of technology? Need to press further on where and how technology helps with learning outside of simply using it as a visual tool • Are there certain subjects that should be no-tech? Would that improve reception to technology in other subjects? • Given technology requires technical ability to mold like clay, if the technology use were customized and easily manipulated– would that make things easier? • Why the obsession with Power Point? • If textbooks are dead, why are schools still pushing them? • Why aren’t games used more often in classroom setting given kids interact with them so much? • What is the technology equivalent of the school of hard knocks?