What the NTSB teaches us about incident management & postmortems

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September 04, 2018

What the NTSB teaches us about incident management & postmortems

The National Transport Safety Bureau is one of the most widely known Government bodies in the world. It’s their role to run into an incident, secure the scene and understand everything that happened. Given the important and unpredictable nature of their work, they have an extensive manual that sets out how incidents should be attended to and how the investigation should progress.

This session will detail how the NTSB’s approach to its work and the procedure that drives it, is transferable to us as incident responders. We’ll talk about the NTSB’s pre-incident preparation, incident notification, attending it, collecting information from the field and writing up a report and holding hearings. We’ll consistently draw parallels to IT incident management and how to create applicable process and procedures that mimic those of the NTSB.



September 04, 2018