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Connecting Comcast and SKY: Using the Dojo Format with International Teams

Connecting Comcast and SKY: Using the Dojo Format with International Teams

When Comcast acquired SKY Communications in 2018, there was sure to be an interest in teams working closely together on both sides in order to explore which products and services would work nicely together.
These explorations were driven largely by senior leadership and focused on big ticket, highly visible products and projects.

But when the DNS teams from the two companies came together last year, it was not because a senior leader asked them to connect. Instead, it was a love for DevOps! Two members of the SKY DNS team were invited to speak at Comcast's internal DevOps conference last year, and they were greeted by our Comcast DNS teams who were eager to work with them on a shared DNS Management System.

While the motivation to work together was evident, the distance and time difference between London and Philadelphia was not an easy obstacle to navigate. We decided to try using techniques from the "The Dojo Handbook" and the results were fantastic! We were amazed how, even as remote teams, we were able to benefit from immersion, micro-sprints, a working charter and constant feedback loops.

We are going to share our story on how these teams decided not to wait to be tapped by Senior Leadership in order to work together, the issues we overcame working internationally, and the success we achieved using the Dojo approach to coordinate.


Michael Scott Winslow

June 23, 2020


  1. Michael Winslow Engineering Director Comcast Nisha Parkash Online Compliance Manager

    Sky Connecting Comcast and SKY: Using the Dojo Format with International Teams michaelswinslow nishaparkash
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  7. The DevOps Conference was nice. Now how do we work

    together on something? VinylDNS @ SKY @michaelswinslow
  8. • 200k+ Zones | 40M+ DNS records • Enforces standards

    for all DNS entries • Fine-grained access controls to improve security • Robust API for integrations (Why wouldn’t SKY want to take a look?) @michaelswinslow
  9. https://www.blackillustrations.com/

  10. London, UK @michaelswinslow https://www.blackillustrations.com/

  11. https://www.vinyldns.io/ @michaelswinslow

  12. The Dojo The Comcast Dojo is an “upskilling program” that

    is designed to be an immersive learning experience where full-stack teams come together to learn modern engineering, product, and agile practices. @michaelswinslow
  13. LEARN WORK LEARN + WORK @michaelswinslow

  14. https://dojo.target.com/ @michaelswinslow

  15. https://itrevolution.com/forum-paper-downloads/ • Ross Clanton • Jaclyn Damiano • Carmen DeArdo

    • John Esser • Eric Passmore @michaelswinslow
  16. What is not a Dojo? https://github.com/devopsenterprise/2017-San-Francisco/blob/master/WEDNESDAY/ @michaelswinslow

  17. What is not a Dojo? For POC, 1 or 2

    day Dojos @michaelswinslow https://github.com/devopsenterprise/2017-San-Francisco/blob/master/WEDNESDAY/
  18. We went in with a plan… @michaelswinslow https://www.blackillustrations.com/

  19. Working Charter

  20. Working Charter

  21. Working Charter

  22. Working Charter

  23. Working Charter

  24. Working Charter

  25. Working Charter

  26. Working Charter

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  29. Day of – Working together @michaelswinslow

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  31. Day of – Working together @michaelswinslow Who is the Product

  32. Day of – Working together Product Manager @michaelswinslow Who is

    the Product Manager??
  33. Day of – Working together @michaelswinslow

  34. Of course, we were Devops… @michaelswinslow https://www.blackillustrations.com/

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  42. Michael Winslow Engineering Director Comcast Nisha Parkash Online Compliance Manager

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