Meeting the challenges of modern mobile messaging with XMPP

Meeting the challenges of modern mobile messaging with XMPP

XMPP has existed since 1999 to power a wide range of open­-standard and open-­systems communication applications, particularly instant messaging. But is it up to facing the challenges presented by the modern mobile era, where users often have multiple devices? Due to the nature of mobile networks, and the fact that users may be moving around while they are using a chat application, losing reception can result it lost connectivity and lost messages. Users switching between devices also expect to have their chats synchronised, so that they can pick up where they left off on a different device, while having a complete history of their conversations available to them. Some commenters have noted that XMPP was not designed for modern­-day smartphone-­based instant messaging. However, as an alternative to proprietary IM contenders, XMPP still remains the best available tool to bring fully featured instant messaging systems to the market in a minimal amount of time while adhering to open standards.


Michał Ślaski

January 28, 2015