Getting Agile with Scrum - NDC 2014

008d9a555e3c3d1962761425b0e65a1e?s=47 Mike Cohn
June 06, 2014

Getting Agile with Scrum - NDC 2014

Scrum is one of the leading agile software development processes. Over 12,000 project managers have become certified to run Scrum projects . Since its origin on Japanese new product development projects in the 1980s, Scrum has become recognized as one of the best project management frameworks for handling rapidly changing or evolving projects. Especially useful on projects with lots of technology or requirements uncertainty, Scrum is a proven, scalable agile process for managing software projects.

Through lecture, discussion and exercises, this fast-paced tutorial covers the basics of what you need to know to get started with Scrum. You will learn about all key aspects of Scrum including product and sprint backlog, the sprint planning meeting, the sprint review, conducting a sprint retrospective, activities that occur during sprints, measuring and monitoring progress, and scaling Scrum to work with large and distributed teams. Also covered are the roles and responsibilities of the ScrumMaster, the product owner, and the Scrum team.

This session will be equally suited for managers, programmers, testers, product managers and anyone else interested in improving product delivery.


Mike Cohn

June 06, 2014