3 Mindset Shifts for Distributed Agile Teams.

3d971ee4a09f437dc7054bf732884b91?s=47 Mark Kilby
November 20, 2019

3 Mindset Shifts for Distributed Agile Teams.

Many people believe that practicing agile approaches on a distributed team is not possible, but with three mindset shifts you can achieve the benefits of agile. The first shift is managing for change through experimentation. If the team has freedom and guidance to experiment with everything they do, they can adapt their way of working. The second mindset shifts us toward communication and collaboration as emphasized by agile approaches and away from micro- silos so common with distributed teams. The third shift emphasizes a mindset focused on agile principles over practices. Most agile practices were designed with colocation in mind. Distributed teams need to consider their effective hours of overlap and adapt or create new practices based on agile and lean principles. These mindset shifts enable distributed teams to find their most successful way of delivering value.


Mark Kilby

November 20, 2019