How to Win at UI Development in the World of Microservices - Jfokus 2020

72a2082c6a4dd79ad68befb3db911616?s=47 Matt Raible
February 05, 2020

How to Win at UI Development in the World of Microservices - Jfokus 2020

You've figured out how to split up your backend services into microservices and scale your teams to the moon! But what about the front-end? Are you still building monoliths for your UI? This session will talk about the history of web frameworks, the microservices explosion, and techniques + frameworks for complementing your microservices with micro frontends. It'll include developer stories from folks implementing micro frontends and recommendations for learning more about them.

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Matt Raible

February 05, 2020


  1. How to Win at UI Development in the World of

    Microservices Feb 5, 2020 Matt Raible | @mraible Photo by Keith Cuddeback #jfokus
  2. Today’s Agenda History of Web Frameworks The Microservices Explosion UI

    Development in a Microservices World Real Developer Stories How to Win Photo by Glyn Lowe PhotoWorks
  3. Hi, I’m Matt Raible! Blogger on and Web

    Developer and Java Champion Father, Husband, Skier, Mountain Biker, Whitewater Rafter Open Source Connoisseur Bus Lover Okta Developer Advocate
  4. None

  6. What About You?

  7. A Brief History of Web Frameworks

  8. The Microservices Explosion

  9. The Microservices Explosion Conway's Law in action Service boundaries reinforced

    by team boundaries
  10. UI Development in a Microservices World

  11. State of the Art in Java + JavaScript

  12. JHipster 6 Microservices UI Overview

  13. ⚡Micro Frontends

  14. ⚡Micro Frontends

  15. ⚡Micro Frontends

  16. Techniques Web components as the target output Custom elements to

    create web components DOM Events to communicate between frontends Server-side rendering and SSI (server-side includes) or ESI (edge-side includes) CDNs and cache-busting as a deployment mechanism
  17. Frameworks for Micro Frontends Project Mosaic: Single-spa: Demo:
  18. Framework Usage

  19. Real Developer Stories

  20. Other Companies using Micro Frontends front-end-web-development-f325ebdadc16

  21. How to Win at UI Dev with Microservices Use a

    monolith with one framework, components, and lazy-loading Use micro frontends that allows any framework, leveraging web components
  22. Learn More CaSE Podcast - Micro Frontends

    with Gustaf Nilsson Kotte Web Frontend with Lucas Dohmen ThoughtWorks Podcast: What’s so cool about micro frontends?
  23. Make some $$

  24. Entando Blueprint


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