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Conference Summary - Multicore World 2013

Conference Summary - Multicore World 2013

Brief summary towards Multicore World 2013 with keynote speakers plus testimonials from Multicore World 2012, demographics, photos and background


Multicore World

October 01, 2012


  1. 19 – 20 February 2013. Wellington, New Zealand Conference Summary

    Multicore World is the global event to discuss all things multicore at peer- peer level in a destination conference All modern computers are now multicore and increasingly so; we need the programming and application expertise to harness this current transformation. This is a permanent change that affects all computing. Multicore World is a content intensive conference that will allow you to network with other professionals from industry, academia, science, engineering and software communities, business and government. You will be able to take the pulse of what is happening in the multicore processing and parallel programming ecosystem in a unique destination conference. Sessions about the leading edge of multicore and parallel processing Learn about all aspects of multicore technology and business. Sessions and panel discussions will cover the latest developments in software and hardware, applications and use cases, and the businesses behind these trends. Confirmed keynote guest speakers: • How to Grow the Economy by 10% per Year Professor Ian Foster - Arthur Holly Compton Distinguished Service Professor of Computer Science at the University of Chicago & Argonne Distinguished Fellow at Argonne National Laboratory. USA • Massive Parallel Processing in the Varnish Software Poul-Henning Kamp - Chief Architect, Varnish Software & Author (of a lot of) FreeBSD. Denmark • Bare-Metal Multicore Performance in a General-Purpose OS Paul McKenney - IBM Distinguished Engineer & Linux CTO, IBM Academy of Technology. USA • The (Massive) Opportunities of a Multicore World Professor Barbara Chapman - OpenMP Architecture Review Board & University of Houston. USA • The Revolution in Your Pocket: Invisible Computers with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Tim Mattson - Intel Principal Engineer, Khronos OpenCL Group. USA • Transactional memory hardware, algorithms, and C++ language features Mark Moir – Oracle, Consulting Member of Technical Staff. USA – New Zealand Conversations as valuable as the sessions By being hosted in Wellington, New Zealand makes this a destination conference, key participants will not just be passing through. Meet technology leaders from industry, science, academia, and open source software. Talk to customers, investors and entrepreneurs about how are they creating the new ventures of tomorrow. Key Demographics from Multicore World 2012 • 94% of attendants were technology leaders, buyers, users and endorsers • 51% of attendants from Industry • 34% came from outside New Zealand to Multicore World 2012
  2. The Inaugural Multicore World Panels at Multicore World 2012, 27

    – 28 March 2012 • John Goodacre. Director, Processors Divison, ARM (UK) • Mark Moir. Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle Labs (US) • James Reinders. Director, Chief Software Evangelist, Intel (US) • Martin McKendry. Senior VP, Seven Networks. Advisory Board, Open Parallel (US) • Tim Cornwell. Project Leader ASKAP, CSIRO (Australia) • Artur Laksberg. Technical Lead, Microsoft (US) • John Goodacre. Director, Processors Division, ARM (UK) • Tim Mattson. Principal Engineer, Intel Labs (US) • Jim Peek. Senior Director Strategy, Fusion-io (US) • John Houlker. Strategicy Initiatives Manager, NZTE (NZ) Background of Multicore World Multicore World began as a mini-conference, part of Linux Conference Australia (LCA), first in Wellington (LCA2010) and then Brisbane (LCA2011). Top right: Panel in LCA2010 with James Reinders (Intel) speaking. Down: Audience at Multicore World 2012 Testimonials from Multicore World 2012 “MultiCore World is focused on the challenges associated with developing software and systems to take full advantage of the powerful, multicore processors now standard...(2012 was) MultiCore World’s inaugural meeting and for a first conference it was excellent. (It) assembled a top-notch group of speakers from around the world...as well as cutting-edge New Zealand and Australian organizations... The setting in Wellington gave plenty of time for the speakers and attendees to interact on a much lengthier and informal basis than one finds at a typical conference." Stephan Friedl. Systems Architect, Cisco (Denver, USA) “...congratulations for a superbly organized and well-run conference. The quality of speakers was superb and the opportunities to do business were excellent...” Dave Fellows, CTO, GreenButton (Wellington, NZ) “I really enjoyed the Multicore World workshop and found it extremely worthwhile...” Cory Davis, Senior Scientist, Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited
  3. “My trip (to New Zealand) was indeed quite fruitful...you probably

    know that we’re now doing business with (NZ company)... A very concrete outcome of MW2012 – a deal that would not have happened otherwise. Thank you!” Artur Laksberg, Microsoft (Seattle, USA) Congratulations on a fantastic conference! Well done on organising a great event! David Eyers, Lecturer, Otago University (Dunedin, NZ) Many thanks for your hospitality. I enjoyed the (Multicore World) workshop and found our Thursday discussions to be very enlightening. Tim Cornwell, Project Lead Computing, SKA. CSIRO (Sydney, Australia) “...thank you for organising Multicore World and bringing such an impressive range of speakers to our part of the world. The discussions that I had during the break and over the lunch/dinner breaks were very useful and will hopefully lead to enduring interactions. It would be really good to see HPC type activities and innovation grow in NZ and Australia. Prof. Alistair Rendell, Deputy Dean, ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science Australian National University (Canberra, Australia) Vint Cerf (SVP Google) keynote at Multicore mini-conference, Brisbane 2011 and lunch at Multicore World 2012 in Wellington Multicore World 2012 in the blogs of the attendants • James McPherson. Principal Engineer, Oracle (Australia) http://www.jmcpdotcom.com/blog/2012/08/29/call-for-papers-multicore-world-2013/ • John Goodacre. Director Processor Division, ARM (UK) http://blogs.arm.com/soc-design/782-the-world-of-arm-multicore-explained/(Tweeted 20k people) • James Reinders. Director Software, Intel (USA) http://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2012/04/03/wellington-and-austin-programming-lots-of-cores Multicore World 2013 Press Coverage (Dec'12) • “Open letter to IT community encourages Multicore World 2013 attendance” • “Companies risk competitive advantage in not understanding multicore computing” • “How Multicore Helps Overcome the "Tax" of Computing Delays - Paul McKenney, IBM Linux CTO” • “Conference Pitches New Zealand As A Center For Multicore Excellence” Multicore World 2013 Activities Monday 18 February • Workshop: “Introduction to Parallel Programming with OpenMP”. Tim Mattson (Intel) • Business and Networking meetings at New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) • Speakers' Welcome Cocktail Tuesday 19 February – Conference Day 1 Wednesday 20 February – Conference Day 2 • Full day sessions and Panel • Conference Dinner – Wellington Town Hall • Full day sessions and Networking • Conference Closure – Drinks and Nibbles – Wellington Town Hall Thursday 21 and Friday 22 February • Follow-up business meetings and networking - NZTE Multicore World 2013 is an initiative of