Scott Houston, Dave Fellows - GreenButton, New Zealand

Scott Houston, Dave Fellows - GreenButton, New Zealand

"Is Cloud Computing a game changer for the little guy?"


Multicore World

July 16, 2012


  1. Multicore World Is Cloud Computing a game changer for the

    little guy ? Scott Houston Dave Fellows Chief Executive Chief Technology Officer © GreenButton Limited
  2. “Can the Cloud tip the balance” 2 “By 2014 the

    personal cloud will replace the personal computer at the center of users’ digital lives.” Gartner (Mar 2012) “Cloud Computing could help boost HPC amang SMB’s but there are hurdles to overcome before that can happen.” IDC (June 2011)
  3. …The Cloud is projected to be a massive market but

    adoption is slow as barriers are overcome Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) want to get to the market faster than their competitors without cannibalizing their existing revenue streams. Enterprise customers want to manage multiple private and public clouds, and have the ability to test and deploy quickly, without being locked into a cloud provider nor hire cloud experts. 3
  4. Early cloud adopters are within five major verticals © GreenButton

    Limited 4 Manufacturing Oil & Gas Bio-tech Financial Services Digital Media
  5. GreenButton empowering the customer 5 Customers seamless access to applications,

    data management and scalable cloud resources Management (User, Billing and Cloud Resources) © GreenButton Limited GreenButton API & SDK GreenButton Multi-Cloud Management & Interfaces GreenButton Cloud Server ™ ™ ™ Private Cloud Public Cloud
  6. The solution is a smart application software and business process,

    that is Cloud agnostic and easy to deploy and use. Public Cloud Private Cloud
  7. Current Partners 7 Private and Confidential

  8. The challenges still exist……. (but the solutions are coming) Big

    Data VPN’s Data Sovereignty Geo specific DCs Compliance HIPPA, FISMA, ITAR Licensing Cloud FlexLM & GB Micro billing here now… Ease of use keep watching
  9. I’d been looking for a “button“ - a turnkey solution

    to cloud- enable our spreadsheets. I found it. And it’s Green” – Alex Kriger, VP Business Development The GreenButton is setting the standard for how users harness the power of Cloud Computing 9