The Geologic Time Scale of's View Layer

The Geologic Time Scale of's View Layer

My talk from BackboneConf 2013 (

The "best practices of architecting, designing, and managing the V in MVC have evolved over the course of time. The act of modernizing a web application reveals the layers of previous approaches lurking just underneath the crust. This talk will dive through the strata of the View layer of Every day, Gilt builds a dynamic shopping experience for each of our millions of customers and awaits their timed onslaught. How do business strategies, re-architectures, new technologies, and a rabid customer base shape and re-shape the View? We will move across Eras: from Ruby on Rails and early Ajax techniques, to lightweight Java frameworks, to our current day; where asset management pipelines and JavaScript MVC frameworks are de rigueur. We'll discuss concerns like page performance, pagination, and search engine optimization through the lens of our Views present and past.


Mark Wunsch

July 31, 2013