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LibreOffice: the current status of the most powerful OSS office suite

LibreOffice: the current status of the most powerful OSS office suite

for HKOSCon2020 https://hkoscon.org/2020/

LibreOffice is a successor of OpenOffice.org and full-featured open-source office software. It is a large application written in 9 million lines of C ++, with an estimated 2 billion users worldwide. It has been known as a desktop application, but for resenting years the "online" version, which allows edit documents via modern web browsers, has also be developed, and mobile versions will also be available soon.

This talk will introduce the current state of both the LibreOffice product and development, such as compatibility improvement with proprietary application document formats, document confidentiality using OpenGPG, improved spreadsheet performance through multi-threading, LibreOffice Online implementation, etc.

And also, it will introduce activities in Asian regions to improve regional-specific features such as CJK rendering.

Naruhiko Ogasawara

June 12, 2020

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  1. 1 HKOSCon 2020 LibreOffice: the current status of the most

    powerful OSS office suite Naruhiko NARU Ogasawara LibreOffice Japanese community, The Document Foundation
  2. 2 HKOSCon 2020 Who am I 小笠原 (OGASAWARA) 徳彦 (Naruhiko)

    Call me “NARU” FLOSS lover from Japan Live in Sakura, Chiba, 1 hour from NRT LibreOffice Japanese community The Document Foundation member
  3. 3 HKOSCon 2020 Topics What is LibreOffice? Notable LibreOffice Features

    LibreOffice Online LibreOffice for mobile? LibreOffice Asia League
  4. 4 HKOSCon 2020 What is LibreOffice? The most powerful OSS

    office suite
  5. 5 HKOSCon 2020 Outline Full-featured OSS office suite Only one

    active successor of OpenOffice.org 2 billions estimated users worldwide Mozilla Public License v2+ 9 millions of C++11 code Windows / macOS / Linux official build Time based release (2 times per year)
  6. 6 HKOSCon 2020 Writer - wordprocessor https://documentation.libreoffice.org/en/english-documentation/

  7. 7 HKOSCon 2020 Calc – spreadsheet https://www.examples.com/business/chart-examples-excel.html

  8. 8 HKOSCon 2020 Impress – presentation (this slide :)

  9. 9 HKOSCon 2020 Draw – diagrams https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Documentation/Publications#Draw

  10. 10 HKOSCon 2020 Base – database https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Documentation/Publications#Base

  11. 11 HKOSCon 2020 Math – formula editor Sample from Math

  12. 12 HKOSCon 2020 Open Document Format (ODF) LibreOffice native format

    Simple, human readable, easy to machine- manipulate XML Real Open Standard for office documents ISO/IEC 26300 Microsoft Office, Google Drive also support Keep up with the evolution of the application Not as the “pseudo standard,” which is essentially unrevised from the proprietary application document format released in 2007
  13. 13 HKOSCon 2020 Our world wide community

  14. 14 HKOSCon 2020 2020 is NOT COVID-19 year… 10/20 Celebration!

    LibreOffice was announced on Sep. 28, 2010 OpenOffice.org, the predecessor of LibreOffice, was launched on July 19, 2000
  15. 15 HKOSCon 2020 Notable LibreOffice features Many features from kids

    to enterprise worldwide
  16. 16 HKOSCon 2020 CJK (Chinese, Korean, Japanese) Features LibreOffice has

    several CJK specific features like… Asian Typography Grid Layout Input Method Support Mixing Western and Asian Scripts Non-BMP Unicode Character support … “LibreOffice CJK Bugs, Fixes, and Stories” by Mark Hung https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvOkLdTEguo
  17. 17 HKOSCon 2020 Interoperability Allows us to work with proprietary

    office users Day-by-day OOXML improvements such as: 2013/2016/2019 format export support (7.0~, Aug. 2020) Better XLSX pivot table import (6.4~, Jan. 2020) Many PPTX animation import/export improvement (6.3~, Aug. 2019) Other supported filters: Apple Keynote, WordPerfect, Lotus WordPro, Corel Draw, … Check “Document Liberation Project” https://www.documentliberation.org/
  18. 18 HKOSCon 2020 Notebookbar NOT just a “ribbon-like UI” Can

    select preferred UI… or may create your own
  19. 19 HKOSCon 2020 LibreLogo Your word processor becomes educational programming

    environment! Logo language with turtle graphics Good for kids Drown objects by the turtle is LibreOffice shapes, so it could be useful with your idea :)
  20. 20 HKOSCon 2020 Enterprise features Document Signing Sign your document

    digitally; ODF, PDF and OOXML! Signature Line Digital Sign with Drawing Sign Redaction Remove any sensitive data from your document And do it automatically with specifing “target” keywords
  21. 21 HKOSCon 2020 LibreOffice Online You can host collaboration office

    suite in your environment, And even integrate it into your own app!
  22. 22 HKOSCon 2020 LibreOffice Online

  23. 23 HKOSCon 2020 LibreOffice Online LOOL FLOSS, same as LibreOffice

    core Say, “like Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online” NOT as a service, BUT a serivce seed which can be served as your own service Self-hosted collaborating document work server NOT a product, BUT a component which can be embedded it into your web app
  24. 24 HKOSCon 2020 Ready-to-go integrated products Owncloud/Nextcloud ☞ OSS Dropbox

    clone Most famous integration Can edit uploaded docs Similar taste of Google Drive / Docs Moodle Online learning platform (LMS: Learning Mangement System) You may found more by Googling / DuckDuckGoing “Collabora Online,” which is commercial variant of LOOL
  25. 25 HKOSCon 2020 Implementation

  26. 26 HKOSCon 2020 Implementation LOOL server creates 256x256 pixel bitmap

    tiles by kicking LibreOffice Then send them to client via WebSocket LOOL client draw them using Leaflet.js All key / mouse events are captured via then send to the server, and tiles are send back (if needed) If you have strength of Web development, you can help LOOL development too!
  27. 27 HKOSCon 2020 LibreOffice Mobile? Little far from production, but

    we are trying to do more
  28. 28 HKOSCon 2020 Status Little far from production Need more

    mobile app developers’ help If you have your own LOOL server, using LOOL via smartphone is a good solution
  29. 29 HKOSCon 2020 Current two Implementations Android Viewer • Use

    “Tile-rendering” technology same as LOOL • NOT in Google Play, side-loading or F-Droid needed • Unstable, performance issue • But FLOSS, anyone can join! Collabora Office Mobile • The idea is “LOOL inside the app” • Providing WebView to run LOOL client • LOOL server is inside the app • Editing possible • iOS / Android • Closed-source (at the moment)
  30. 30 HKOSCon 2020 LibreOffice Asia League Here in Asia, we

    can make LibreOffice better together!
  31. 31 HKOSCon 2020 LibreOffice needs more Asian power To improve

    LibreOffice CJK features It is hard for western LibreOffice hackers to understand expected behaviour of CJK features as ours We have to solve our problems by ourselves To promote LibreOffice more and more Number of users helps FLOSS project We need strong ecosystem in Asia Users, fulltime/part-time devs, trainers, and companies which hires them...
  32. 32 HKOSCon 2020

  33. 33 HKOSCon 2020 LibreOffice Asia League The group to “do

    something which make LibreOffice make better together” in Asia Hosting LibreOffice Asia Conference Desiging regional certification program Growing more developers in this area From Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia and Japan And more...
  34. 34 HKOSCon 2020 Conclusion LibreOffice is 10 years old FLOSS

    office suite With worldwide community And tons of features, includes CJK support We also have Online (production) and Mobile (…) LibreOffice needs more Asian power
  35. 35 HKOSCon 2020 All text and image content in this

    document is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License (unless otherwise specified). "LibreOffice" and "The Document Foundation" are registered trademarks. Their respective logos and icons are subject to international copyright laws. The use of these therefore is subject to the trademark policy. Thank you for listening! … If you haven’t used LibreOffice yet, just try! … If you already use LibreOffice, join our Asia League! zero (naruoga@gmail.com, Twitter: @naru0ga, Telegram: @naruoga)