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Making the world a better place through web design

Making the world a better place through web design

Presented at WordCamp Orange County 2019. We all know better than to think that design is just about ‘making things look pretty’. But did you ever stop to think about the power you have as a web designer (or developer) to make the world a better place? It’s true! You have the power every single day to help make the world more just and equitable through design thinking and an inclusive mindset. We’ll explore how every person involved in designing and building the web can help lead the way, how to convince others to follow in your footsteps, and how to save yourself from being a plain vanilla designer.

Natalie MacLees

April 27, 2019

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    ATA L I E M A C L E E S @nataliemac digita11y Photo by Juliana Kozoski on Unsplash
  2. Everyone needs to think about inclusive design. project managers designers

    developers content managers site owners business owners marketing ux content editors qa seo social media customer support copy writers branding
  3. ...all of us who build the web collectively decided that

    we could ignore some people's needs so that the work could be done faster. WINSTON HEARN
  4. The web industry has collectively exercised its power to state

    that disabled people do not belong here. WINSTON HEARN
  5. ...many business owners would be livid to find out that

    the technology choices their teams are making are actively incurring legal liability. ERIC BAILEY
  6. ...aim to do one thing this week to broaden your

    understanding of how people use the web, and adapt your design or development practice to incorporate what you’ve learned. ETHAN MARCOTTE
  7. Resources • Accessibility toolkit: https://hiredigitally.com/accessibility-toolkit/ • Make WordPress Accessible: https://make.wordpress.org/accessibility/

    • A11y Weekly newsletter: https://a11yweekly.com/ • The A11y Project: https://a11yproject.com/ • Axe Coconut browser extension • Inclusive components: https://inclusive-components.design/