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Habitat Workshop - Burbank

Habitat Workshop - Burbank

Containers provide a delightful development experience. It's easy to download a container image and get started writing code. But it's a different story when you have to run containers in production at scale. That's when all the hidden complexities become apparent and the real challenges begin.

Habitat, our open-source project for application automation, simplifies container management by packaging applications in a compact, atomic, and easily auditable format that makes it easier to deploy your application on various container runtimes.

These slides were used during the Habitat Workshop - https://www.meetup.com/Los-Angeles-Chef-Users-Group/events/235764779/

Nathen Harvey

November 29, 2016

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  2. Deploying and maintaining apps is hard. My developer sent me

    this application to run in production, but nothing seems to be working correctly and I can’t figure out why! Deploying and maintaining production apps shouldn’t be so stressful.
  3. Write a plan to simplify the process. With Habitat, the

    developer describes everything the app needs to run.
  4. Package up everything your app needs. Next, she packages up

    the app along with all the necessary management tools.
  5. Distribute it in a variety of formats. Then she ships

    the package to a central location where it is stored alongside all of its dependencies.
  6. Assemble and run your app anywhere. The ops team retrieves

    the package, quickly assembles the entire app, and deploys it to any environment.
  7. Habitat packages are portable and aware. The application is portable

    and able to establish relationships with its peers.
  8. Built-in features make management easy. Once running, ops can easily

    monitor, configure and care for the app throughout its lifecycle.
  9. Stop worrying about deploying your app. With Habitat, deploying and

    maintaining apps is safer and more complete, which makes everybody happy!
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  11. Infrastructure Automation Application Automation Compliance Automation Workflow Visibility Compliance

  12. Deploy •  Built in service discovery •  Self-organizes into topologies

    •  Handles inter- service discovery through binding •  Has no single point of failure Habitat’s technology Build •  Describes how to build the software •  Explicit about dependencies •  Includes what is configurable about the application Manage •  Encrypted, authenticated run- time configuration •  Automatic, safe, atomic software updates •  Dynamic topology updates Confidential & subject to NDA. Patents Pending.
  13. Doesn’t X do that? > Operating System centric; application automation

    becomes complex > Focused on integrated SDKs; “Cloud Native” rewrites > Building tools around applications; pushing in the old direction > Focuses on the grid as the unit of automation; apps must be specialized > Focuses on the container as the unit of automation; apps are opaque. Confidential & subject to NDA. Patents Pending.
  14. How we do it Packaging Applications Plan Artifact Depot Bare

    Metal Containers AMI VM Depot Artifact Running Applications Confidential & subject to NDA. Patents Pending. Service Supervisor Service Supervisor Service Supervisor Service Supervisor
  15. How we do it Security Secret Payloads Service Service Service

    Service Pub Key Symmetric Encryption Service Service Service Service Load Balancer Build Service Plan Artifact Depot Build Service Confidential & subject to NDA. Patents Pending.
  16. What the modern application team gets out of it: Developers,

    System Administrators, CIOs; Enterprise and Tech Innovators Simplification •  Runs the same way in any environment •  Management travels with the application; no drift •  Autonomous and self- organizing •  Legacy and Greenfield Acceleration •  Lets the enterprise modernize without re-writing the world •  Faster to build, easier to deploy, safer to manage •  Easiest way to deploy containers and microservices in production Empowerment •  Developers can focus on building great applications •  Systems Administrators can focus on how those applications should behave •  Gives both a language they can share, with clear boundaries Confidential & subject to NDA. Patents Pending.