Knowledge Makes Change seminar 1 - Early years: What matters most?

Knowledge Makes Change seminar 1 - Early years: What matters most?

Naomi Eisenstadt CB shares her knowledge and experience of research and practice which strives to improve outcomes for young children and reduce inequalities.

Naomi was the first Director of the Sure Start Unit, which was responsible for delivering programmes in England to reduce the gap in outcomes between children living in disadvantaged areas and the wider child population. Naomi spent 3 years as the Director of the Social Exclusion Task Force, working across government to reduce the exclusion faced by some of the most disadvantaged individuals, families, and groups.

Naomi has retired from the UK civil service and is currently an Honorary Research Fellow in the Departments of Education and Social Policy, University of Oxford and is Independent Advisor on Poverty and Inequality to the Scottish Government.


NCB Early Years

February 08, 2017