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Create the perfect slide deck in 5 minutes

Create the perfect slide deck in 5 minutes

Gave this talk at PHP NE 2014 in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK in the unconference track on March 18th, 2014
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Ole Michaelis

March 18, 2014

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  1. O L E M I C H A E L

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  3. You should always always always put a shitload of text

    on every slide. It’s important because you want to make sure your audience really reads it and get every point out of it. So to ensure that, you should read that text out loud. Because you assume your audience can’t read so better be certain and read it again. Maybe do light changes so that the audience can’t follow where you are in your essay. And always stare at your laptop doing so. You should really know one thing about people. They can’t do two things at the same time. So either they will listen to you or they will read the text. #funfact: Most people wont admit that. They just try to read and listen at the same time and after the slide they realize they didn’t get any point out of the slide. Too bad!
  4. “ All teams will henceforth expose their data 

    functionality through service interfaces. Teams must communicate with each other 
 through these interfaces. There will be no other form of inter-process communication allowed: […] The only communication allowed is via service interface calls over the network. It doesn’t matter what technology they use. All service interfaces, without exception, must be designed from the ground up to be externalizable. […] No exceptions!
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  9. GET STARTED WITH PEN & PAPER • Just find a

    quite place • file_put_contents(‘notes.txt’, $brain->dump()) • No structure is fine • But make sure you can read it after a while