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We Are All Remote Workers

Nicola Iarocci
September 06, 2013

We Are All Remote Workers

One year ago we closed our offices to become a fully distributed company. Here's our story so far.

Nicola Iarocci

September 06, 2013

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  1. we are all remote workers @nicolaiarocci nicolaiarocci.com

  2. work from home? Me, a couple years ago

  3. we closed offices on july 2012 a little more than

    one year ago
  4. why?

  5. 7 team members

  6. 12 kids 3 dogs 5 wives One husband

  7. more like 20 team members life is more complex than

    just work
  8. a nice proprietary location in Ravenna

  9. a nice proprietary location in Ravenna turns out team members

    are mostly from the neighborhood
  10. Ghibullo 9km x2pp x4 trips 72 km 1h28m Marina di

    Ravenna 17Km x1pp x4 trips 68 km 1h40m Classe 7Km x1pp x4 trips 28 km 0h40m Cervia 23 Km x1pp x2 trips 46 km 0h50m Forlì 25 Km x1pp x2 trips 50 km 0h56m Ravenna 3 Km x1pp x4 trips 12 km 0h24m approximate distances and travel time courtesy of google maps
  11. 276 km, 5h58m every fucking workday

  12. 276 km, 5h58m money / time / environment / safety

    / fitness / stress
  13. infrastructure $$$ power / phone / conditioning / maintenance /

  14. proximity is overrated Works if you can turn your chair

    around and talk to a colleague, but if they’re on another floor or in another building, then they might as well be in another city. Vivek Haldar
  15. proximity is overrated especially for programmers Headphones anyone?

  16. besides we were using mostly remote tools already, right there

    in our offices
  17. we are all remote workers chances that all the people

    we need to collaborate with are physically close to us are infinitesimally small inspired by Vivek Haldar’s We Are All Remote Workers, (incidentally posted on the same day I was working on this deck)
  18. we are all remote workers we just embraced a process

    which has been in the making for a very long time
  19. how?

  20. remote all the things mixing remote and office workers is

    like black magic
  21. HipChat free for teams of five / github bitbucket heroku

    hooks / guests
  22. Google Hangout also good for code reviews and pair coding

  23. Dropbox sharing files between us and with clients

  24. Google Docs multiuser realtime editing for documents and spreadsheets

  25. Google Apps shared mailboxes, domains, calendars, docs

  26. GitHub free for public repositories

  27. BitBucket free for private repositories

  28. Trello organize, kanban style

  29. get and make calls on mobile and desktop for cheap

  30. the good

  31. save on time & money commutes / meals

  32. help the environment one hundred per cent pollution reduction

  33. flexibility work from everywhere

  34. flexibility work at any hour as we don’t count hours*

    (we focus on results and balance) * support team being the exception
  35. balance work / family / fun

  36. no interruptions there’s no guy across the room asking for

    your pen
  37. Async > Sync drawing by Vivek Haldar

  38. remote encourages Async drawing by Vivek Haldar

  39. recruit the best we can hire the best people from

    all over the world
  40. reduced stress all of this results in a huge...

  41. productivity boost and to think that most people expect the

  42. reputation people always ask how we pulled this out and

    we have a great story to tell
  43. last but not least...

  44. we save a truckload of $$$

  45. the not so good

  46. adaption and change in managerial and organizational styles

  47. establishing coordination between remote workers requires an initial effort

  48. work and family responsibilities not mixing them up requires a

    conscious effort
  49. lack of team spirit can be a issue if counter-measures

    are not taken
  50. lack of team spirit we have a lot of fun

    in chat and during hangouts. really.
  51. lack of team spirit once a month we meet for

    lunch, have fun and discuss work and non-work related stuff
  52. lack of team spirit we also have regular face-to-face meetings

  53. most of the time in exotic places

  54. fear for data security make sure you do your homework

  55. trust & accountability chat and voip logs, centralized emails, hangouts,

    code repos
  56. isolation get out and have fun when you feel like

  57. distraction hire self-motivated and productive people

  58. not for everyone working from home, coffee shops or co-working

    space is not for everyone (so is office work)
  59. meeting clients depending on your business branch, can be serious

    an issue
  60. we believe in creating a parity and a culture of

    work where location doesn’t matter Joel Gascoigne
  61. few years and setups like this will be normal for

    most businesses Joel Gascoigne
  62. it’s a privilege to be part of this innovation, experiment

    and share our experience Joel Gascoigne
  63. by the way our offices in Ravenna, Italy are up

    for sale
  64. by the way as we are not going back. ever.

  65. thank you @nicolaiarocci nicolaiarocci.com gestionaleamica.com

  66. also inspired by Vivek Haldar’s We Are All Remote Workers

    incidentally posted on same day I was working on this deck Joel’s Gascoigne The Joys and Benefits of Working as a Distributed Team which also surfaced on the internet as I was looking for inspiration about this presentation