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We Are All Remote Workers

Nicola Iarocci
September 06, 2013

We Are All Remote Workers

One year ago we closed our offices to become a fully distributed company. Here's our story so far.

Nicola Iarocci

September 06, 2013

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  2. proximity is overrated Works if you can turn your chair

    around and talk to a colleague, but if they’re on another floor or in another building, then they might as well be in another city. Vivek Haldar
  3. we are all remote workers chances that all the people

    we need to collaborate with are physically close to us are infinitesimally small inspired by Vivek Haldar’s We Are All Remote Workers, (incidentally posted on the same day I was working on this deck)
  4. we are all remote workers we just embraced a process

    which has been in the making for a very long time
  5. flexibility work at any hour as we don’t count hours*

    (we focus on results and balance) * support team being the exception
  6. lack of team spirit we have a lot of fun

    in chat and during hangouts. really.
  7. lack of team spirit once a month we meet for

    lunch, have fun and discuss work and non-work related stuff
  8. not for everyone working from home, coffee shops or co-working

    space is not for everyone (so is office work)
  9. we believe in creating a parity and a culture of

    work where location doesn’t matter Joel Gascoigne
  10. few years and setups like this will be normal for

    most businesses Joel Gascoigne
  11. it’s a privilege to be part of this innovation, experiment

    and share our experience Joel Gascoigne
  12. also inspired by Vivek Haldar’s We Are All Remote Workers

    incidentally posted on same day I was working on this deck Joel’s Gascoigne The Joys and Benefits of Working as a Distributed Team which also surfaced on the internet as I was looking for inspiration about this presentation