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Azure Containers Fundamentals

Azure Containers Fundamentals

Slides of the session presented at Dear Azure user group on 25th October. The session covered Docker basics, working with SQL Server 2017 & 2019 in Linux containers, containerizing the .Net Core application. Also demonstrated the options for deploying containers to Azure using Web Apps, Serverless Azure Container Instances and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).


Nilesh Gule

October 25, 2020

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  1. Nilesh Gule @nileshgule | www.HandsOnArchitect.com Azure Containers Fundamentals

  2. $whoami { “name” : “Nilesh Gule”, “website” : “https://www.HandsOnArchitect.com", “github”

    : “https://GitHub.com/NileshGule" “twitter” : “@nileshgule”, “linkedin” : “https://www.linkedin.com/in/nileshgule”, “likes” : “Technical Evangelism, Cricket”, “co-organizer” : “Azure Singapore UG” }
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  4. @nileshgule Containers Basic Docker container concepts Containers & Azure Options

    for deploying containers to Azure Docker Use existing Docker Images Build custom Docker images Azure Web Apps Azure Contianer Instances Azure Kubernetes Service Agenda
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  6. @nileshgule Containers & Virtual Machines https://www.docker.com/resources/what-container

  7. @nileshgule Docker Architecture

  8. @nileshgule Demo working with Docker images

  9. @nileshgule Workflow for Docker Development & Deployment

  10. Demo build & publish docker images

  11. @nileshgule TechTalks Demo – Web, API, SQL DB https://github.com/NileshGule/AKS-learning-series

  12. @nileshgule TechTalks Demo – Docker Images https://github.com/NileshGule/AKS-learning-series  Use public

    image in an application (SQL Server 2017)  Docker multi-stage builds  Docker-compose, build & publish multiple images  Azure Container Registry (ACR) private registry
  13. @nileshgule Container support on Azure

  14. Demo deploy container to Web App

  15. Demo deploy container to Azure Container Instances (ACI)

  16. Demo deploy containers to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

  17. @nileshgule Kubernetes – Elements of Orchestration Enterprise grade Kubernetes on

  18. Summary • Self contained application with all its dependencies •

    Native integration with Azure Container Instances (ACI) Docker • Build multiple images • Good for local development Docker Compose • Extensive support for containers • Azure Container Registry • OCI compliant images • Build Images • Supported services • Web Apps • Azure Container Instances (ACI) – Serverless • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) • Azure Service Fabric • Azure Functions Azure
  19. Play with Docker Play with Kubernetes Kubernetes Learning Path :

    MSLearn Docker ACI integration
  20. ACI under the hood Using ACI for building and deploying

    net core apps Code-to-cloud-with-docker-and-azure-container-instances Serverless containers with ACI
  21. https://azure.microsoft.com/mediahandler/files/resourcefiles/kubernetes-learning- path/Kubernetes%20Learning%20Path%20version%201.0.pdf Enterprise grade Kubernetes on Azure

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  24. https://github.com/NileshGule/AKS-learning-series https://github.com/NileshGule/pd-tech-fest-2019

  25. Thank you very much Code with Passion and Strive for

    Excellence https://www.slideshare.net/nileshgule/presentations https://speakerdeck.com/nileshgule/
  26. Nilesh Gule ARCHITECT | MICROSOFT MVP “Code with Passion and

    Strive for Excellence” nileshgule @nileshgule Nilesh Gule NileshGule www.handsonarchitect.com
  27. Q&A