Stack Overflow研究の諸側面とワークの研究によるアプローチ

Stack Overflow研究の諸側面とワークの研究によるアプローチ

Stack Overflow(SO) exists as a successful online knowledge collaboration. It is a Q&A site about programming topics, and a lot of professional knowledge resources are stored and accessible via the Web. To understand a nature of knowledge of SO, we need to understand person's participation as its source. In this presentation, we tried to seek a way to understand activities in the SO. We reviewed articles about SO from many disciplines, and found three research types: (1)relationships between individual users and SO, (2)SO as information resource, and (3)SO as a community. However, current researches focus on established SO, and how SO is continuously made via participants' activities is not examined. To understand it, we propose a program to treat the problem of order of a community as participants' point of view. The research program of studies of work has been struggling to this problem. It is proposed by H.Garfinkel as a Ethnomethodology's program, tried to describe the production of local order to achieve something. We showed some researches under the studies of work, which fields are similar to the SO, and we discussed the possibility of applying the program of studies of work to the SO.


Tajima Itsuro

October 13, 2018