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Building practical web application with Slimane

Building practical web application with Slimane

Slide that is used in 2016 May 31 Tokyo server side swift meetup


Yuki Takei

June 01, 2016


  1. B U I L D I N G P R

    A C T I C A L W E B A P P L I C AT I O N W I T H S L I M A N E 2 0 1 6 M A Y 3 1 T O K Y O S E R V E R S I D E S W I F T M E E T U P Y U K I TA K E I
  2. Hello! I’m Yuki Takei

  3. ChatCast

  4. SmartDrive

  5. ຊ೔ͷൃද͸ɺ్தͰσϞΛ͸͞Έ·͢ɻ ࣗ෼΋खΛಈ͔͠ͳΒσϞΛମݧ͍ͨ͠ͱ͍͏͜ͱ͸ɺ https://github.com/noppoMan/slimane-github-issue-manager Λgit cloneͯ͠vagrant upΛ༧Ί͓͍͍ͯͯͩ͘͠͞ɻ

  6. I have glad news

  7. Finally My PRs are merged to Open-Swift!

  8. None
  9. None
  10. W H AT I S O P E N -

    S W I F T ? • C7: Core standards for Swift (Data, Stream etc…) • S4: HTTP standards for Swift (Request/Response etc..) • D5: Database standards for Swift. Open source cross project standards for Swift.
  11. Anyways

  12. How do you make Web Applications?

  13. With Rails, Node.js, Django and Play etc..?

  14. Today, I propose you to build it with Swift

  15. Building Practical Web Application with Swift? Seriously?

  16. Yes We can!

  17. W H AT S O F T WA R E

    S A R E N E E D E D T O B U I L D I T ? • HTTP Servers • Application Frameworks • Template Engines • Database Clients • Deployment
  18. Slimane Provides all of them!

  19. None
  20. S L I M A N E I S …

    • Express inspired Web Application Framework • 100% asynchronous with event loop backend (libuv) • Standalone HTTP Server • Faster • Moduler • Full managed asynchronous Stream, TCP, Pipe, FileSystem, Process, Timer etc.. • Adopt Open-Swift
  21. Today I show you how to create the Issue Manager

    for Github made with Slimane
  22. S P E C I F I C AT I

    O N • List issues • Get a single issue • Create issues • Post comments • Broadcast the comment to all clients via Web socket
  23. B A C K E N D S T R

    U C T U R E S pub/sub pub/sub reverse proxy app1 app2 github api ɾOS: Ubuntu(Vagrant) ɾCore: 4 ɾRAM: 2048MB
  24. F R O N T E N D • Template

    Engine: Mustache/lodash • JS Framework: jQuery • Css Framework: Bootstrap
  25. Demo https://github.com/noppoMan/slimane-github-issue-manager

  26. ɾvagrant up ɾlaunch single app ɾlogin ɾplay around(list issues, create

    an issue) ɾlaunch cluster app ɾweb socket ɾGraceful restart(Not implemented yet..) Menu
  27. Let's take a closer look the codes!

  28. • Get a Slimane server up • HTML Rendering •

    Deal with Github Api • Authentication • Web socket with Redis pub/sub • Asynchronous flow controll • Cluster/Worker • Graceful Restart(Not implemented yet…) Basic Technical Part of Github Issue Manager
  29. Get a Slimane server up import Slimane import JSON let

    app = Slimane() // access log app.use { req, res, next in print("[pid:\(Process.pid)]\t\(Time())\t\(req.path ?? "/")") next(.Chain(req, res)) } // Responsd to the simple json app.get("/") { req, responder in let json: JSON = ["foo": "bar"] responder { Response(body: JSONSerializer().serialize(json: json)) } } try! app.listen()
  30. HTML Rendering // app.swift import Slimane import MustacheViewEngine import Render

    extension Response { static func render(_ path: String, data: TemplateData = ["foo": "bar"]) -> Response { let render = Render(engine: MustacheViewEngine(templateData: data), path: path) return Response(custom: render) } } let app = Slimane() app.get("/") { req, responder in responder { Response.render("index", data: ["foo": "bar"]) } } try! app.listen() // index.mustache <html> <body> <h1>{{ foo }}</h1> </body> </html>
  31. Deal with Github API Actually, We don’t have any SSL

    implementation yet…
  32. But We have….. libcurl! Deal with Github API

  33. Deal with Github API https://github.com/noppoMan/slimane-github-issue- manager/blob/master/Sources/RestClient.swift

  34. Deal with Github API import Thrush import QWFuture struct CurlContext

    { let writeCallback: ([Byte]) -> () } return Promise<Data> { resolve, reject in let future = QWFuture<Data>(loop: self.loop) { (completion: (() throws -> Data) -> ()) in let handle = curl_easy_init() curlHelperSetOptString(handle, CURLOPT_URL, UnsafeMutablePointer(self.uri.buffer)) curlHelperSetOptBool(handle, CURLOPT_HTTPGET, CURL_TRUE) .................. var data = Data() let writeCallback = { (bytes: [Byte]) in data.append(contentsOf: bytes) } curlHelperSetOptWriteFunc(handle, context) { (buf, size, nMemb, privateData) -> Int in let ctx = UnsafePointer<CurlContext?>(privateData) let segsize = size * nMemb var bytes = [Byte]() for i in stride(from: 0, to: segsize, by: 1) { bytes.append(Byte(bitPattern: buf![i])) } ctx?.pointee?.writeCallback(bytes) return segsize } curl_easy_perform(handle) curl_easy_cleanup(handle) completion { data } } future.onSuccess { resolve($0) } future.onFailure { reject($0) }
  35. libcurl + Future(uv_queue_work) + Promise Deal with Github API

  36. Deal with Github API Usage RestClient( method: .get, uri: "https://api.github.com/repos/noppoMan/Slimane/issues",

    body: JSONSerializer().serialize(json: ["body": data["body"]!.string!]) ) .send() .then { response in if 200..<300 ~= response.statusCode { success() } else { error() } } .failure { error in print(error) }
  37. Authentication https://github.com/noppoMan/slimane-github-issue- manager/blob/master/Sources/ AuthenticationMiddleware.swift

  38. WebSocket with Redis pub/sub https://github.com/noppoMan/slimane-github-issue- manager/blob/master/Sources/ChatRoute.swift

  39. Asynchronous flow controll ɾnoopoman/Thrush ɾslimane-swift/QWFuture

  40. Asynchronous flow controll https://github.com/noppoMan/Thrush - Promise-

  41. Asynchronous flow controll https://github.com/slimane-swift/QWFuture - QWFuture -

  42. Cluster and Worker https://github.com/noppoMan/slimane-github-issue- manager

  43. Thanks!