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GraphQL for Backlog

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April 16, 2018

GraphQL for Backlog

4/16(月)に福岡で行なったGeeks Who Drinkでの登壇資料です。


Nulab Inc.

April 16, 2018


  1. GraphQL for Backlog

  2. About me Software engineer at Nulab Working in Backlog team

  3. What is GraphQL Query language for Frontend to retrieve and

    update data in the Server made by Facebook.
  4. Why use GraphQL ? GraphQL make it easy for a

    frontend to query data. Reduce requests between server and client compared to a REST API. Can reduce the response data size since the frontend can select what part of the data he is interested in.
  5. GraphQL for Backlog Provide an ergonomic way of querying data

    in Backlog We don’t have a GraphQL API server yet but we can emulate it using the current REST API Data aggregation made it easy
  6. Backlog4s A SDK for Backlog i’m working on written in

    Scala It actually provide a GraphQL server which translate a GraphQL query into Backlog API calls Still in active development but it showing interesting results I plan to make it easy to setup a GraphQL server for Backlog
  7. Demonstration

  8. Drawbacks • The actual implementation try to do the less

    possible API call by deferring them and optimize the number of API calls • No caching since it’s just a translation layer
  9. Future I will provide Scala.js/Typescript support so you won’t need

    to run a separate server to get the GraphQL emulation working Add authentication in GraphQL server using OAuth2
  10. Question ?