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2024/1/30 生成AI新年会LT 生成AI時代に 「つくる人をつくる」AICU Inc.事業成果速報

2024/1/30 生成AI新年会LT 生成AI時代に 「つくる人をつくる」AICU Inc.事業成果速報

お知らせ:弊社CEO出演情報(1/26~2/11) #AICU #しらいはかせ|AICU media @AICUai #note https://note.com/aicu/n/n9666781c60af?sub_rt=share_h

生成AI時代に「つくる人をつくる」AICU社、生成AIリーディング企業「Stability AI」と戦略提携 https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000007.000133647.html


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  1. “REALITY”, metaverse via your smartphone 3D Avatar Driven Ecosystem for

    5 years (Director, GREE VR Studio Laboratory) 3 Avatar Creation Live Viewing Gifting & Collaborating Live Streaming Games
  2. Akihiko SHIRAI, Ph.D in a Manga Manga from my book

    ”The future of game design - Science in Entertainment systems” (2013) 2010-2018 [Teacher] Associate Professor In Information Media in KAIT, Japan. “Creating people who creates!” 2018- Visiting Professor in Digital Hollywood University Graduate School
  3. GREE VR Studio Laboratory, Director 2018年からグリーグループにJoin。世界1000万ダウンロードを達成したスマホ向けメタバース「REALITY」を 開発運営するREALITY株式会社の研究開発部門「GREE VR Studio Laboratory」のDirectorを担当。世界に向

    けてメタバース知財を多数開発・発信。並列してデジタルハリウッド大学大学院「クリエイティブAIラボ」 を主宰。AI画像生成「Stable Diffusion」のリリースから2ヵ月で「AIとコラボして神絵師になる」を執筆。
  4. Akihiko SHIRAI, Ph.D (post educator era) Since 2018 [Director] GREE

    VR Studio Laboratory A researcher in VR entertainment systems and Director of GREE VR Studio in REALITY, Inc. and invited professor in Digital Hollywood university, graduate school. He had experienced various posts in this domain (Criterion RenderWare, NHK-ES, ENSAM Presence & Innovation Laboratory in France, a science communicator and exhibition planner in Miraikan) and currently contributing exploring VR live entertainment and XR metaverse in academic research. https://www.dhw.ac.jp/en/contact.html [Invited Professor] Digital Hollywood Univ. Graduate School
  5. [Metaverse Mode Maker] Work in GREE VR Studio Lab Word2Textile

    + Motion UGC In HMD Metaverse [Accepted] Laval Virtual SIGGRAPH CEDEC2023 Opensource https://github.com /gree/MuscleComp ressor
  6. Published a book: “Collaborating with AI to become a godhand

    illustrator - How to comprehend Stable Diffusion” Kindle version https://ivtv.page.link/ak print version https://ivtv.page.link/ap Launch on Oct 28th 2022 = 2 months after the release of Stable Diffusion! Speed only can tell the stream…!
  7. Media Communication Business Unit Writing as a Production Team: “Stable

    Diffusion Super Illustration Bible” (tentative title) Release in 2024Q1 2月末を待て!