Test-driven development with PHPUnit

Test-driven development with PHPUnit


Oliver Klee

June 23, 2018


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    This is Oliver Klee (me!) Workshop teacher •unit testing •extension

    development •software quality •saying „no“, consent culture TYPO3 extension
 developer (wanna-be)
 singer @oliklee oliverklee oliverklee.de
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    The life cycle of a test new FooTest(); setUp(); /**

    @test */ lifeIsGood(); tearDown();
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    4 test phases set up setUp()
 code in the test

    method exercise method call verify assert…() tear down tearDown()
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    Use meaningful test names classCanBeInstantiated setTitleSetsTitle setSizeWithZeroThrowsException hasTitleForEmptyTitleReturnsFalse Name the

    behavior. Name the preconditions. Name the method. Don’t use
 “works” or
 “works correctly”. measureFrubbleWorksCorrectly
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