Teen Events Deck

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January 29, 2013

Teen Events Deck

Teen Events Deck



January 29, 2013


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    explore content from all the things you love directly from your PC, phone or tablet.
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    User: Follow what you love and want to see UGC APIs Record labels Fansite owners Employees Lots of work What When Where Who Follow topics See what I care about
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    Affiliate Users - limited number of upcoming and previous event listings or Topics. Pay for more. Marketplace for promoted event listings. Massive aggregated user data of value to major record labels and brands. Affiliate links when user is alerted to etail events.
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    Media Exec, Global Talent TBD TBD “ Email sent. “ Teen Events’ value as a tool for both artists and their fanbases is immeasurable. For me it will ensure maximum impact both online and in the real world. “ TBD.
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