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The F1 Demo: Streaming Real-time Telemetry Using Apache Kafka and StreamSets

September 05, 2019

The F1 Demo: Streaming Real-time Telemetry Using Apache Kafka and StreamSets

The F1 Demo: Streaming Real-time Telemetry Using Kafka and StreamSets
By Randy Zwitch, Senior Director of Developer Relations at OmniSci

We have created a demo that streams telemetry data from an F1 video game into OmniSci (a GPU-accelerated relational database) for use in our booth at conferences. Visitors can drive a lap, and onlookers can watch the data flow into OmniSci via StreamSets as well as see a custom Python Dash app to visualize the data in real-time. We'd like to present the StreamSets portion at your conference.

Here is our GitHub repo with the StreamSets portion explained: https://github.com/omnisci/vehicle-telematics-analytics-demo/tree/master/dataengineering.


September 05, 2019

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  1. The F1 Demo: Streaming Real-time Telemetry Using Apache Kafka and

    StreamSets DataOps Summit SF - September 5, 2019
  2. Randy Zwitch Senior Director of Developer Advocacy @randyzwitch randy.zwitch@omnisci.com /in/randyzwitch/

  3. Volume Agility Spatio- Temporal

  4. (You’re welcome, Dima)

  5. OmniSciDB: Compiled, Columnar and (Lots of) Cores Traditional DBs can

    be highly inefficient - Each operator in SQL treated as a separate function - Incurs tremendous overhead and prevents vectorization OmniSci compiles queries w/ LLVM to create one custom function - Queries run at speeds approaching hand-written functions - LLVM enables generic targeting of different architectures (GPUs, X86, ARM, etc.) - Code can be generated to run query on CPU and GPU simultaneously
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  7. “We need to build something cool for our booth...”

  8. Step 1: Write UDP stream to Kafka https://raw.githubusercontent.com/omnisci/vehicle-telematics-analytics-demo/master/dataengineering/pipelines/UD P736c69c5-0b2b-4e9a-8263-85d8bd5e5fd2.json

  9. Step 2: Parse UDP Packets, Write to Kafka https://raw.githubusercontent.com/omnisci/vehicle-telematics-analytics-demo/master/dataengineering/pipelines/01P arsemessagestoJSONcopy3d6023cc-0620-4312-9957-01f0d91b8302.json

  10. Step 3: Parse JSON, Write to OmniSci https://raw.githubusercontent.com/omnisci/vehicle-telematics-analytics-demo/master/dataengineering/pipelines/02L oadF1messagestoOmniSci269b8b03-6dd1-4744-980b-bf7008ff714b.json

  11. What I Learned - Build large pipelines as a series

    of smaller pipelines - Watch your defaults when developing! - Avoid serializing to plain text to improve throughput - Watch out for Jython issues in multi-threaded pipelines / Use Groovy instead
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