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OpenTalks.AI - Иван Болохов, Гибридный интеллект для задач разметки данных

February 05, 2021

OpenTalks.AI - Иван Болохов, Гибридный интеллект для задач разметки данных


February 05, 2021

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  1. Text Audio Classification Segmentation Pairwise comparison Validation Classification Free string

    Segmentation Data types Images Classification Landmarks Defining boundaries
  2. Data Labelling Process Tasks People Labelled Data The classic human-

    driven labelling system system is time consuming and poorly scalable
  3. Real time results analysis Real-time task execution statistics. For each

    assignment the system determines a quality indicator and the results of all involved labelers.
  4. Monitoring the performance of labelers The dynamic rating of each

    labeler is based on an quality indicator of completed tasks and the overall percentage of tasks completed.
  5. Adding AI to the process • Bots (models) are trained

    on partial results of human labelers • Labelling bots start pre-labeling data • Bots compete with each other for "survival " – in terms of the quality of labelling
  6. AI considerably improves data labelling process • Labelers agree or

    disagree with the system, which greatly speeds up the markup process and makes the model even "smarter". • At the output, the customer receives not only the labelled data, but also the best model (bot) for future automatic labelling.
  7. Results management Downloading labelling results into convenient formats. Not only

    a dataset, but also a ready-to-use model • CSV • JSON • XLS • Download Model
  8. Markup Cost Quality Speed Person - + - Robot +

    - + Hybrid + + + Comparative analysis
  9. For OpenTalks.AI participants Free access invite to Mashinist labelling studio

    @bolokhov Still have any questions? +7-977-687-71-96